DIYorDIE Meetup July 1: choose the speakers


Hello! On July 1, we invite all DIY artists and their fans to our large DIYorDIE meeting in the Mail.Ru Group office! This time there will be not only interesting reports, but also an exhibition of your class works and a party of interests.

Who will tell about their crafts on July 1 at the mitap? Choose you! We offer to vote for the most interesting reports, and we will invite speakers to speak at DIYorDIE.

So, what topics have already been sent to us:

1. Nadezhdin Kirill, “MIDI Drum Set for Arduino” . From the idea and prerequisites to implementation - in particular, about piezo sensors, multiplexers, layered sponges for picking up signals from drums, MIDI messages, algorithms for processing “vibration data” from sensors, peak recognition, and more.

2. Yuri Lilekov, “Megadron: 2.5 meters of foam plastic at a height of 7 km” . On the experience of building a drone from scratch in the form of a “flying wing” with a wingspan of 2.5 meters, as well as its capabilities and prospects for use.

3. Vladimir Pronin, "A budget eggboot with your own hands for $ 15." The history of the device, design tools, practical use, examples of projects using the device.

4. Kashkanov Artem, "O brave relay world . " About the prerequisites, history and aspects of creating your own “Because-that_a_moog” projects on relays, such as a relay computer, its ancestor RTsVM-1, and auto-irrigation controller.

5. Igor Avtushenko, “The Underwater Stones of Arduino” . Disadvantages and methods of their circumvention of the equipment and existing libraries, methods of developing the correct libraries.

6. Chumakova Anastasia, “How to choose a DIY project” . How to choose a DIY project, how to make a clear case, build a communication with the audience and what to do after? The opportunities that this type of activity opens and how to implement them.

7. Atroshkin Kirill, “We assemble the thermal imager from Raspberry Pi, the screen from Nokia and the Seek Thermal camera” . A little bit about thermal imagers in general, connecting the SPI display to the Raspberry with the image output via the clipboard, fast (suddenly) processing and displaying the image in Python and OpenCV, an unofficial data exchange protocol with the camera and some undocumented features, demonstration of the prototype.

8. Matveyev Ruslan, “Emulation of the LCD display with the help of Arduino” Revision of the staffed PC Pajero Pinin / IO.

9. Minko Vitaly, “A miniature keyboard for a tablet, which is designed to be used with one finger . The concept, the choice of components, the design of the printed circuit board, the creation of a 3D model of the case, writing firmware, etc.

10. Ilya Larchenko, “Development of a Mobile Robot” . That has already been implemented, namely: the transfer of stereo images from a camera with 3 degrees of freedom; Indore navigation with Neato lidar and ROS navigation packages, collision avoidance system based on 8 sonars, basic movement and telemetry.

11. Mikhail Ivanov, “Motion control for timelapse photographers” . Demonstrate the development process from strange primitive crafts to an attractive device. The report will not be oversaturated with technical details, but it will be about Arduin, 3D printers, soldering, enclosures, orders in China and turners from Peter.

12. Alexander Basov, “Warehouse storage system for the home” . About the problem of storage, the server part of the storage system, a mobile application, a remake of the barcode scanner from USB to RS232 and the applicability of the system.

13. Kirill Ovchinnikov, “Smart Baby Monitor” . How to make a smart baby monitor on RPi. With learning and beautiful!

14. Oleg, “Automation of the smart home, z-wave devices and support for HomeKit” .

15. Timofeev Grigory, "The main aspects of the manufacture of knives at home . "

16. Andrey Molchanov, “Smart Alarm Clock” . Consists of Arduino + BlueTooth, 2 LED bulbs with torn drivers, cooler from the laptop. Report on the coordination of levels 3.3 vs 5, PWM, the principles of operation of LEDs, working with Bluetooth and a mobile application on the knee

17. Andrey Molchanov, “Life Support System for Plants” . How to build a life support system for plants from the Arduino + ESP8266 and aquarium from the garbage: how to make an optical sensor, about the unreliability of DHT11 \ DHT22, about the binding of Arduino and ESP8266, about the Peltier elements, about hysteresis and temperature control, about controlling large currents.

18. Andrey Molchanov, “Capacity meter” . Assembled from Arduino + FET transistor. The story is a little about circuitry, about board etching, a bit of battery theory, about FET transistors and the importance of wire cross-section.

19. Andrey Molchanov, “Air quality sensor (WIP)” . How to make an air quality sensor from Arduino + DHT22 + MQ135 + Bluetooth. It is a little about circuitry and about etching of boards, it is a little from the theory of accumulators, about FET transistors and importance of section of wires.

20. Andrey Molchanov, “Rapiro robot” . About servo drives, about managing large currents, about the reliability of 3D-printed parts.

21. Igor Zotov, “Cocktail for this guy!” . Briefly about the main thing: how to make a robot bartender.


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