New Intel processors for embedded systems - Xeon and Celeron

Intel has introduced new processors for embedded systems - 4 Xeon models for high-performance systems and 5 Celeron variants for budget devices. Processors have from 2 to 4 cores, equipped with Intel HD Graphics. According to their purpose, they all have a small TDP. The release date announced the second quarter of this year.
Under the cut - a sign with brief characteristics of new products.

ModelNumber of cores / threadsFrequency, GHzCache size, MBGraphicsMax. RAM frequency, MHzTDP, W
Xeon E3-1501L v64/42.16HD P630240025
Xeon E3-1501M v64/42.96HD P630240045
Xeon E3-1505L v64/82.2eightHD P630240025
Xeon E3-1505M v64/83.0eightHD P630240045
Celeron G3900TE2/22.32HD 510213335
Celeron G39002/22.92HD 610240051
Celeron G3930E2/22.92HD 610213354
Celeron G3930T2/22.72HD 610240035
Celeron G39502/23.02HD 610213351


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