Programming the human nervous system. Calligraphic handwriting in 5 minutes

On March 25, a seminar was held in Moscow on the programming of the human nervous system. Hiktaim users have made a significant contribution to ensure that the seminar took place, now it's time to publish the materials of the seminar.

Before you continue reading, take a pen and paper, and write the same phrase 7-10 times, say “I love somatic” - this is needed to control an experiment to improve handwriting in 5 minutes. And welcome under cat.

In the summer of 1984 - there was a long drought, I am 5 years old, I am in the village with my grandfather and grandmother. People repeatedly organized prayers, invited a priest, a priest, went out with icons in the field - to no avail.

Grandfather sat at home and did nothing. In the store, on the heels the grandfather's godlessness and drought were discussed. And he just looked at the decommissioned altimeter (replacing us with a barometer) and frowned - “it’s worth the weather.”

One morning, the barometer began to fall - all the same clear sky, heat, dryness, 11 o'clock - people go to the store for bread, and we - grandfather, grandmother, me, my cousins ​​and aunt instead of the store go out into the field with icons in the towels - people were amused, looking at the procession ... By evening, the clouds stretched and the rain lasted for three days.

My grandfather then, behind him, for twenty years, recalled the fact that only God answered him: “The Witcher”. When there is clear knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge, “miracles” often arise that are apparently not explicable.

At my seminars, people often encounter such “miracles”, get a rational explanation for them and learn to use this knowledge in practice.

I hope that it is not a secret to you that the human nervous system is programmed through training and the quality of training depends on many factors. Today we will try to improve the quality of the letter by making mistakes.

Take a pen, paper, sit at the table and try again to write "I love somatic."

Next time write the same words with a different handle grip - say, with your thumb and middle finger.

Now the same phrase, but with the grip of the big and ring fingers.

Again write “I love somatic”, this time holding the pen with your thumb and little finger.
Try to write a phrase, holding a pen in your fist.

Now think up your grip and write: "I love somatic."

Take the pen with the usual grip and write the phrase for the last time. Compare the first and last option, how much quality is different from the control lines that you wrote before you did the lesson? How did the quality of writing the phrases change in the first, training version, and the second, when did you make mistakes?

Writing quality - smoother, smoother outlines come from the use of unusual writing patterns.

Man is not a mechanism for the reproduction of reflex reactions, but constantly changes his motor programs, adapting them to new conditions of the surrounding world.

Every time you make a habitual movement - every time you form a new response to the motor task in specific environmental conditions and your internal state.

Thanks to making mistakes, you allow your nervous system to get more qualitative feedback on how the habitual movement occurs, what are the limitations in the familiar pattern and often there is a better way of doing what you have used for years at a mediocre level.

PS In order for the lesson to become a lesson, and you get the result as a letter, you need to follow the rules for how to carry out the lessons. The very formulation of the problem itself implies the conscious implementation of the lesson, however in the comments it is clear that the novelty of the task is not always enough.

If you have not noticed the effect after doing the lesson, try again to perform it in a comfortable situation, 3-4 times slower than initially, focusing on what is happening.


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