Wanhao Duplicator 7 3D Printer Review

Hello! We run Wanhao D7 v 1.3. We share impressions about its appearance and functionality. We print test models. Consider the photopolymer. Draw conclusions.


Weight: 12 kg
Print resolution: 2560x1440
Layer thickness: 0.035-0.5mm
Printing accuracy: 0.004mm
Printing technology: DLP
Construction area, mm: 120 * 68 * 200mm (L * W * H)
Software: Creation Workshop
Print speed: 30mm / hour
Resin type: 405nm uv resin
Price: 35 900 rubles

What does he look like

The seventh Duplicator version 1.3 looks simple. The cover is heavy, metal. The case is black, on the front panel of the logo and the switch, there are gaps in places - in the photos you can see where the case is visible when printed. Coolers are constantly running, they make noise.

According to the manufacturer, the device differs from v 1.2 in a large number of fans inside. We did not disassemble the case, but - judging by the noise, it is.

The platform low position sensor is red, it is needed for calibration - this is the zero position. The platform cannot fall below.

On top of the course of the platform is limited by a lid on the guide, this one - on four screws. The manufacturer’s information states that from version 1.1 there was also a software lift restriction, but it isn’t - the platform holder rises to the stop. Either the restriction was removed, or it does not work.

The screw seems to be weak, they write about it in all reviews of this printer - they write it correctly, it does not cause trust. But it works.

This version has a switch on the front, on the next one it was removed back. On the one hand - so that someone does not turn off the printer during printing, on the other - to simplify the layout.

How does he work

When working, the computer must be constantly turned on, if it falls asleep - a breakdown of printing, if it restarts, too. Take care in advance to turn off all power saving features and automatic updates.

The bath of the original design - instead of glass and silicone film is used, which is tightly attracted by 22 bolts to the frame. Changing the film is easy, but tiring. A big plus is it is cheap.

Brand photopolymer manufacturer arrived not gray, but of an incomprehensible pale yellow color.

Experiments have shown that if, after washing, we put the printout in the water and then expose it, it becomes light gray, almost white.

If you simply rinse in isopropyl and put it under the sun or lamp - the color remains yellowish.

The photopolymer smells strongly, if you leave the seal at night - in the morning it is impossible to enter the room, it is necessary to air it.

Impressions and Recommendations

The printer looks simple, in both senses: in the good - concisely, and in the bad - cheap. And he justifies both impressions.

The functional is almost zero. Yes, it shines on the polymer and lifts the platform, i.e. - performs its main function, but it is tightly tied to a permanent connection to a computer. Failure to connect - marriage. No battery life from a flash drive or card. Automatics thrown to the maximum.

On the other hand, at its price, the D7 is the only available stereolithographic printer for those who cannot pay ten times more. It is far from the accuracy of Form 2, but, within its characteristics, it justifies itself. It is only necessary to ensure that it has an uninterrupted connection to a PC, the only job and specialization of which will be printing on D7. The kit with the computer will come out five times cheaper than a separate printer with a higher class.

Whether to buy Wanhao Duplicator 7

D7 cannot be recommended to dentists and professional jewelers - its accuracy is low for these applications.

But for home builders, makers, inventors and artisans, it will be useful, as well as 3D printing enthusiasts who like to improve their technology themselves - the printer has a great potential for rework and sufficient margin of safety to sustain them.

If you want to find out more about how 3D printers are made in China - read the article “ China in 3D ” - a report on our trip to manufacturing plants, including the Wanhao company, the official authorized distributor of which is Top 3D Shop.

Wanhao D7 costs 35,900 rubles.

New orders are supplied with improved versions, 1.4 and 1.5, version 1.3, we sold and removed from sale. You can find out about the improvements made here .

What to print

Wanhao gray

Universal photopolymer resin
Color: light gray
Capacity: 1 liter
Price: 5 600 rubles

Also suitable resin of any third-party manufacturer designed for 405nm.

Community support

WANHAO DUPLICATOR 7 - a group of users of D7 on Facebook - here the owners of this printer share with each other the experience, subtleties and tricks of working with it, software updates and tools to improve work.

The example above is a 3D printed part for fighting wobbling.

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