Ilon Mask talked about how he manages to be so productive

Ilon Musk at one of SpaceX press conferences (Source: Brendan Smialowski / Getty Images)

Businessman Ilon Mask succeeds very much. No, not all, but still he and his companies have achieved significant results. In this case, Musk leads or participates in the work of not one and not two organizations. Now he is busy with space with SpaceX, electric vehicles and battery systems for home and production with Tesla Inc., plus there are tunnel drilling, laying of high-speed train tracks, "solar roofs" and a number of other things. How does Mask manage to keep track of everything that happens in his companies, and not just monitor, but also direct the work of his employees?

As it turned out, he has his own tricks that help Ilona be productive. Actually, all of them are not new, but Musk, firstly, strictly adheres to them, and secondly, uses a combination of various techniques and lifehacks to increase productivity. All this allows him to be effective for a long time. Probably, in relation to Ilona Mask, the term “effective manager” is fully applicable. Here it is just to the point. But what kind of tricks are these?

The main thing that makes Musk, it divides your work day and tasks into small parts. And this is not about the clock, but about the minutes. He works from 85 to 100 hours a week, in any case, the journalists talk about it The Independent . Musk generally speaks a lot about his work. Not so long ago, he shared that he spends 80% of his time working on the creation of various devices and their design. This is not surprising, since he is an engineer by education.

He says that creating a company is almost the same as giving birth to a child. “It's almost the same, and your child should have food,” Musk once shared his opinion in an interview with journalists from Denmark.

As for his working day, Mask has no lunch break. He eats during meetings or viewing e-mail to increase his productivity. He has no breakfast, he prefers coffee and scrambled eggs on the go. Musk sleeps six hours a day. In principle, many office workers sleep as much, if not less. But success, like Ilon, is achieved by few. From food prefers the French menu, plus a barbecue and whiskey. The businessman says that he eats mainly at the end of the day, during business meetings in restaurants. He complains that sometimes at such meetings consumes an excessive amount of calories. Well, in order to keep himself in shape, he practices in the gym twice a week.

Interestingly, Musk does not spend money on what, in his opinion, does not matter . It is, of course, about working moments. The businessman believes that the best advertising is the creation of quality products that speak about themselves. Therefore, Musk spends a maximum of time and money on the development and fine-tuning of his products to excellent condition, and quite a bit - on advertising.

“The best marketer in the world will face big problems if they sell a product that nobody needs. But, as Tesla has proven, there is no need for a marketing budget if your product sells itself, ”says the head of Tesla Inc.

Another important point - Mask advises to pay attention to the opinions of those people whom you trust . He himself does this all the time, asking the opinion of professionals. They give him ideas, point out flaws. “I think it is very important to constantly receive feedback when you constantly think about what you have done and how and what can be improved. I think the best advice is to follow what can be done better by asking yourself, ” said Musk in an interview with Mashable.

But, besides advice, a successful entrepreneur, according to Ilon, should have a clear daily routine and plan. This has already been mentioned above - he divides days not into hours, but into minutes. Every working day is divided into small elements of five minutes each. He does not spend the time for communication in real time like phone. Instead, Musk prefers e-mail.

It is clear that to achieve success in so many things, like Musk, is impossible. We need people, professionals, and talented. The businessman says that for successful work you need to surround yourself with talented people who know what to do and how. “This helps Mask not only to be sure that his staff know how to make a rocket or battery, but also not to look for answers to questions that someone else can give,” said one of his colleagues.

One of the main secrets of the Mask is not to be afraid of risks. He himself risked not once and not twice, both with his money and with his reputation. Sometimes he got into difficult situations (Tesla Motors was on the verge of bankruptcy several times, SpaceX rockets exploded or didn’t take off due to any problems). But so far he has managed to overcome all difficulties and achieve success in his endeavors.

And he does not forget to read, with any employment Musk finds time to read. Perhaps it helps him to be not just an effective manager, no matter how fresh it sounds, but also a dreamer. This, probably, is the main secret of Ilona Musk’s success - always be a little dreamer and work a lot on the realization of her projects, even the most fantastic ones.


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