Does Star Citizen have financial problems?

Many have probably heard about the Star Citizen project, about their successful crowdfunding company . The story has continued. CIG, the creators of Star Citizen, a game that collected $ 150 million, an amount many times the original planned $ 6 million, applied for a loan to the bank. In this case, everything related to the project, they give as a loan: IP, assets, all the code, distribution rights, etc.

If you believe the state. website , and specifically this document :

The rights to the game go to the bank, and he grants the CIG license to continue development. In case of failure, everything will be very bad for the CIG. They will not be able to apply for new loans, because there is nothing left to pledge.

PS if there are lawyers here, then I would be happy to hear comments on the topic.

UPD: thanks SLY_G for the link with explanations about the possible causes of the loan.
One of the most likely reasons is funding the Foundry 42 team located in Manchester.


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