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CIF (Crypto Install Fest) is a practical conference during which IT specialists, lawyers and public figures exchange views and tell listeners about the current state of affairs and new trends in Runet, in particular, issues of freedom of speech and censorship on the web, government regulating the Internet and self-organizing the industry, preserving anonymity and protecting the personal data of users, new decentralization technologies that help the Internet protect itself from external influences today, and about those that will come t tomorrow.

The conference will be held July 1 in Moscow, will begin at 13.00 at the address: Sakharov Center, Zemlyan Val Street, 57, p.5.

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The main focus this year will be on the topic of “Internet and the State”.
More and more, the state penetrates its tight control into the Internet space. Suggestions for regulating the Web are getting tougher, more absurd, and more and more frequent. Laws on blocking, “Spring Package”, anti-piracy measures and many others, which are already actively enforcing and at the same time, new repressive and regressive legislation is being passed, which are passing through the State Duma at an accelerated pace, among them: strict regulation of anonymization tools , tunneling traffic and search engines, blocking the "mirrors" of prohibited sites, forcing instant messengers to transfer user data to mobile network operators.

What is it? The real concern of the state about the citizens? Protection of information sovereignty? Or an attempt to gain control over free virtual space? What is the response of the society and the Internet industry to such aggressive intervention in our communications? How can a digital economy develop against such a background of regulation?

We will talk about this (but not only) at this conference.


Discussion section

Irina Levova , curator of the Communication and IT Working Group of the Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation → “Digital Code. Need it now? Can I wait? Too late?";
Sarkis Darbinyan sardarbinyan , lawyer, leading lawyer of Roskomsvoboda, head of the Center for the Protection of Digital Rights → Transformation of Anonymity (you can read the materials on this topic in the publication series on Habré You have the right to anonymity: part 1 , part 2 , part 3 );
Alexander Isavnin , Association “Open Network” → “.., let me steer!” Who controls the Internet and how they can be controlled by those present ”;
Mikhail Klimaryov , director of Freeely and the Point of Reference analytical agency → “Fourth amendment: how does electronic surveillance in the United States differ from the Russian one”.

Practical section

Leonid Evdokimov darkk , developer of the Tor Project → "OONI - open data about Internet filtering in the world";
Sylvan Gebhardt , YaaS Master bei Openfactory → “Practical Application of Cryptography in Own Trunk Channels” (report in English);
Niels ten Oever , Head of Digital Department Article 19 (London) → “Rights: Infrastructure and the Law” (English report);
"4yrt" → "Alternative firmware for" routers "(OpenWRT, pfSense)"
CryptoPati → a decentralized, global movement to teach the use of privacy protection technologies in everyday life and the basic concepts of their work to ordinary people. Come to CryptoPati to learn or learn to use basic cryptographic tools. Learning the most basic cryptographic software (such as anonymous Tor network, PGP / GPG for encrypting mail / files, OTR for encrypting chats).

Blockchain section

Mikhail Shlyapnikov , farmer → «ICO Kolionovo. From the virtual economy to the earth ";
Denis Soldatov , blockchain enthusiast, DevOps at Parity Technologies → Ethereum technology and smart contracts. The main features and prospects of the Ethereum blockchain technology;
Leonid Volkov , Foundation for Fighting Corruption, Society for the Protection of the Internet → “The Problem of Fundraising for Public Campaigning in Cryptocurrency”.


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Conference organizers: public organization “Try to change the reality” and the Pirate Party of Russia. With the support of the public organization RosKomSvoboda, the Association of Internet Users and the Center for the Protection of Digital Rights ( )

The conference is free and free to attend.
Come! You will get to know your like-minded people, discuss topics that concern you, gain new knowledge or share your experience.
And in general - we all need to stick together! Well, or at least - in touch :)

Crowdfunding on organizational expenses was also announced , so that the conference would be even better equipped both technically and mercher, and liverfully.


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