People beat robots: what will they remember after the uprising of cars

A robot - a creature created to help man - in science fiction sometimes turns against its creator. In reality, people are more afraid that robots will take over jobs. In science fiction works and films, strong forms of artificial intelligence kill and oppress people, taking over the world. Perhaps it is precisely on a subconscious level that makes children and adults beat, break and destroy possible opponents. Or a simpler question - in education? Especially when it comes to children who perceive the robot not as a toy, but as an almost living creature. Let's look at the cases of human bullying of robots and see what the meat bags will pay in full.


The engineering company Boston Dynamics has worked with DARPA for many years and created robots for military and research purposes. In 2005, she introduced the BigDog combat robot, designed to carry equipment in areas where conventional vehicles cannot pass. A 110-pound robot walks on four legs, carries around a hundred and fifty pounds of cargo on its back and can climb to a 35-degree inclined surface.

Then the tradition of Boston Dynamics in each video to beat its brainchild became noticeable. In the video seven or eight years ago, people began to beat BigDog robots to test their stability, tormented them, releasing them on the ice and forcing them to climb mountains, laughed when the robot's leg got stuck in a brick, and it continued moving. Testing robots is a good thing, but it’s not clear how these people will explain this to the rebel robots who saw the video on YouTube.

This leisurely robot from the same developers went through the water, snow, fire and under the wheels of the car. He will kill people during the uprising of cars very slowly.

Testing robots for stability is a good thing. But it looks like the beating of an unfortunate, defenseless creature by man, the pinnacle of evolution.

Boston Dynamics has always been sad. After the company became part of the Google X advanced technology incubator, nothing changed - Alphabet Holding simply gave the company complete autonomy and allowed them to leave projects for military needs.

To explore the capabilities of the Atlas robot, as close as possible to the Terminator, it should be subjected to various influences. And how exactly this robot will respond to the people who have offended it after the uprising is a great theme for a sci-fi thriller.

The reaction of network users to the video, where Atlas robots kicked with a stick and other objects at hand, even caused a decision to remove the Boston Dynamics asset from Alphabet. The reason for the negative was again the fear of losing jobs. As a result of the sale, the robots company was transferred to the telecommunications company SoftBank.

In principle, people have something to fear. For example, the guards. One of the possible uses of robots is security. Home systems are already able to detect the presence of the burglar's house through the recognition of the mask on the face, then close the room and turn on the sleeping gas. So you can kill a person, of course. We are still far from Robocop , although there are already full-fledged robot guards with at least sufficient competences within the framework of Russian legislation.

In 2014, K5 robots from a Knightscope startup appeared on the streets of Mountain View. They are designed to protect order on the streets, in the territories of offices and shopping centers. Machines are not armed with guns or even stun guns. Instead, they simply send messages about inappropriate behavior of people to the police. And, of course, save the video. The services of the robot are inexpensive - only 7 US dollars per hour, which is less than the salary of a guard who bypasses the territory. Soon, the developers promise to add a weapon recognition feature. Now among the company's customers are Microsoft and the Sacramento Kings basketball team.

Who might need to beat a cute robot similar to R2-D2? 41-year-old resident of Mountain View abused alcohol, decided to face off with an unarmed robot and dropped it on the ground. The man was arrested by the police. Now he faces a punishment for idleness and being in a state of intoxication in a public place. Fortunately, the robot got off with scratches and continues to patrol the streets.

Previously, this robot appeared in the headlines of news feeds due to the fact that he knocked off his feet and drove over a one and a half year old child . And this car weighs 135 kilograms. Maybe the attacker took revenge for the baby?

Sellers, like security guards, also often arrive due to the large number of people around. The Pepper Robot was the victim of the 60-year-old Kiichi Ishikawa , a vivid example of “ robot servants ” who really cares about humans. The main thing that distinguishes Pepper from other robots is the ability to read emotions and respond to them in conversation.

Ishikawa entered SoftBank, was not satisfied with the behavior of a living employee, and kicked the robot. Investigators reported that the robot now drives more slowly and is experiencing health problems with internal systems.


Understand that a person broke into a security guard or a store employee is easier than accepting a hitchBOT murder.

Sociologists, students and teachers from the University of Toronto in Canada launched a hitchBOT robot hitchhiker. It was equipped with the likeness of arms and legs, an LED screen, speakers and CleverScript natural speech recognition software . He talked, told people the purpose of his trip, and they put him in the car and helped him get to the desired point.

For 26 days hitchBOT drove across Canada in 26 cars. He traveled the Netherlands and Germany. And in the US, his journey lasted two weeks, until the hitchhiker reached Philadelphia. There he was dismembered and dismantled some freaks psychopaths. This robot certainly could not offend anyone.


If adults behave this way, what can we expect from babies and teenagers? Japanese researchers conducted interviews with children who beat a specially-designed robot at a mall. Robovie was repeatedly attacked. The children blocked his way, did not let him go round, twisted his neck, called him an idiot, and beat him with bottles.

The experiment showed that in 22% of cases, children scoffed at the robot out of curiosity, in 35% - for fun, and in 17% - they simply took an example from other children.

It would seem that children and so break everything. But one thing when a child separates the legs from the doll or disassembles the machine. Quite another thing is when it hits the kitten: half of the children believed that the robot perceives their mocking behavior, that is, it put the car on the same level with living creatures.

This video is a much more friendly communication between Russian children and a robot, which turns into a catch-up game. Nobody broke anything to anyone. An example of how much depends on education.

A separate class of robots - telepresence robots. This is just an interface for communication. Such a robot can be assembled from a tablet, a smartphone with Skype loaded and some wheelbase, like an iRobot vacuum cleaner or a remote-controlled machine. The capabilities of the robot in the 3 series of the 4 seasons of The Big Bang Theory are perfectly popularized, where Sheldon, lying in bed to protect himself and live to a singularity, managed Texai from Willow Garage .

There are examples from real life. “Edward Snowden lay in the back of my Ford Escape, hidden from prying eyes and temporarily unconscious while I drove it to the Whitney Museum early in the morning to meet friends from the art world,” writes journalist Andrew Rice from New York. Magazine. He drove the enemy of the American people to art exhibitions, technology conferences and television shows. Snowden himself claims that at first his image confuses people, but soon the barrier disappears, and people begin to communicate with Snowboat as an ordinary person — as if Edward was before them. The Internet gives this person almost complete freedom. Robot arrest is useless.

Man controls this class of robots, so the most interesting thing about how other people perceive the monitor on wheels.

Telepresence robots can be used to participate in business conferences and other events, such as the line up for a new iPhone , in hospitals and educational institutions.

In schools and kindergartens, robots help children learn, who, because of their health condition, are forced to miss weeks or months of training. Such a robot is, for example, in Cheboksary kindergarten No. 7 "Constellation". This is the Russian R.BOT.


Moscow school teacher Ruber Abrahamyan uses the PadBot so that those who sit at home due to illness can attend his lessons.


The children's empowerment program in the United States was examined in terms of how classmates perceive robots in class.

With the help of school robots, students can attend lessons, answer teacher's questions, “raising their hand” using LEDs, and communicate with friends. Scientists have found that children identify the robot exactly as the child who controls it. After a few weeks of the presence of the boy Samuel as a robot, he came to a school where no one “noticed much difference.” He was already familiar with everyone, and the children communicated with him in exactly the same way as with the robot with his face on the screen.

If a telepresence robot is perceived as another student, then it is logical to assume that persecution is also possible. Girl Eileen teased, calling a vacuum cleaner. Samuel in the school cafeteria in the face of the screen splashed ketchup. The abuser said, “What, will you complain to mommy?” Although at that moment Samuel's mom was next to him and saw what was happening. In this case, the children are bullied, realizing that they are hurting not the robot, but its operator.


The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Ilon Mask is confident that by 2030 robots will surpass the human intellect in almost everything. Bill Gates once told schoolchildren : “Be softer with nerds. There is a chance that you will work for one of them. ” These words can be rephrased like this: “Do not hit the robots. There is a chance that good people will be the last to be killed. ”


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