DIYorDIE Meetup July 1: Registration


Mail.Ru Group’s DIY community — developers who, in their spare time, do all sorts of cool, unexpected things (“ smart home and smart watches ”; “ hug ”; “ FLIR Lepton thermal imager with your own hands ;” “ electric bicycles with your own hands. ” And much more) - periodically gather to share their developments with those who wish and to share their experiences with friends in mind.

We invite everyone to the third open DIY Meetup on July 1 at the Mail.Ru Group office. The program of the event is based on the voting results .

Meeting program:

- “Ideas for DIY-lamps” , Vladislav Ross . A selection of fun DIY-lamps. Bonus track: signaling of an impending thunderstorm.

- “O wondrous relay world” , Artem Kashkanov . About the prerequisites, history and aspects of creating your own “Because-that_a_moog” projects on relays, such as a relay computer, its ancestor RTsVM-1, and auto-irrigation controller.

- “We are assembling a thermal imager from Raspberry Pi, a screen from Nokia and a Seek Thermal camera” , Kirill Atroshkin . A little bit about thermal imagers in general, connecting the SPI display to the Raspberry with the image output via the clipboard, fast (suddenly) processing and displaying the image in Python and OpenCV, an unofficial data exchange protocol with the camera and some undocumented features, demonstration of the prototype.

- “Development of a mobile robot” , Ilya Larchenko . The stages of creating a robot from a machine on the Arduino to a mobile platform based on Raspberry Pi and ROS; control the robot using VR glasses; using lidar and sonar for indoor navigation.

- “Megadron: 2.5 meters of foam plastic at a height of 7 km , Yuri Lilekov . On the experience of building a drone from scratch in the form of a “flying wing” with a wingspan of 2.5 meters, as well as its capabilities and prospects for use.

- “Smart home automation, z-wave devices and HomeKit support” , Oleg Chelbayev

- “Motion control for time-lapse photographers” , Mikhail Ivanov . Demonstrate the development process from strange primitive crafts to an attractive device. The report will not be oversaturated with technical details, but it will be about Arduin, 3D printers, soldering, enclosures, orders in China and turners from Peter.

- “Life support system for plants” , Andrey Molchanov

- “Pitfalls of Arduino” , Igor Avtushenko . Disadvantages and methods of their circumvention of the equipment and existing libraries, methods of developing the correct libraries.

- “Cocktail to this guy!” , Igor Zotov . Briefly about the main thing: how to make a robot bartender.

In addition to the reports, there will be an DIY-development exhibition and, of course, informal communication at the mitap. To participate you must register .

Collection of participants and registration: 10:30
Reports start: 11:00
Approximate end of the event: 17:00

Address: Moscow, m. Airport, Leningradsky Prospect, 39, p.79.


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