New Polar A370: Pre-Premier Review

A month later, a new Polar flagship will appear in Russia - the A370 fitness tracker with continuous heart rate measurement (heart rate), the Polar Sleep Plus sleep analysis function and mobile GPS. We gathered together and translated (there are no Russian-language sources) all available information about the device from the manufacturer and compiled this preliminary review of the declared characteristics with comparison of the A370 with other devices from Polar.

Chit : for those who do not have the time or desire to read the full review, at the end there is a comparative table (a comparison, however, only with other Polar devices) and a very brief description of the functions.


Judging by the photos on the network and the statements of the developers, the new Polar A370 is a rather elegant fitness bracelet, lightweight and waterproof, which will suit all lovers of an active lifestyle. Generally speaking, in comparison with the predecessors, the device has the function of continuous heart rate tracking and sleep analyst Polar Sleep Plus, which could not be implemented for the Polar A360 due to various restrictions. Now let's take a closer look at all the Polar A370 specifications, as indicated by the manufacturer.


For the Polar A370 interchangeable straps are available in six colors and two sizes, so that the tracker can be worn with any wardrobe items. Bracelets are made of soft material and equipped with a reliable buckle. The straps are in the following colors (from left to right in the photo below): Black, Ivory White, Ruby Red, Deep Blue, Orange, Petrol. image

Continuous heart rate control

Holders of the Polar A370 are invited to almost literally keep abreast 24/7, in order to find a balance between quality recreation and sports - primarily due to continuous monitoring of heart rate.

The Polar A370 heart rate monitor, located on the wrist, monitors the heart rate around the clock 7 days a week so that the user gets a complete overview of their daily activities. Polar's Intelligent Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring technology uses the patented Polar optical rhythm system, which allows you to measure a user's heart rate using LED lamps and a photosensitive photodiode. The LED projects the green light onto the wearer's skin, and the photodiode measures the intensity of the reflected optical radiation, and the Polar algorithm converts this data into heart rate readings. Polar A370 shows the lowest and highest heart rate, and also analyzes changes in heart rate during the day.


The bottom line is that each body and each heart is unique, and watching your heart, you will know how loaded your body is. Thanks to the new tracker from Polar, users have the opportunity to track not only the activity and sports, but also the effects of stress and emotional outbursts on the body.

The device is programmed to check the wearer's pulse regularly at short intervals. At the same time, if the Polar accelerometer captures a high level of activity based on hand movements, the device automatically begins to read and write the user's heart rate data and captures them until the pulse drops. This function is most useful not in itself, but in combination with others, about which we write further.


24/7 activity tracking

Optimal results can be achieved if you use functions together for tracking 24/7 activity and continuous heart rate measurement - in this mode it will be easier to achieve your goals for the day, because your every movement will be accurately recorded even with minimal brush movements, such as while driving by bike. When you train, the Polar A370 recommendations will help you train with the right intensity and achieve your sporting goals. For planning and analyzing their activities, there are, besides the main ones, two auxiliary functions.


Activity Benefit And Activity Guide

An active lifestyle is a healthy choice, implying not only visiting the gym, but also habits beyond it. The Activity Guide feature will tell you how best to reach your daily activity goal - go jogging for 20 minutes or walk for 50 minutes in the usual step. Activity Benefit tracks all such activities throughout the day and shows how they help you stay healthy by giving off motivational analytics. This praise will please you when you reach your daily goal and make you move if you stayed too long in the office. Activity Benefit provides daily, weekly and monthly feedback, because the benefits of exercise and movement accumulate over time. This feature is also available on the Polar M430 , M600 , M200 and V800 devices.



Polar products also include several functions that help the user not only to track, but also to analyze the indicators that the device records.

Smart calories

Polar developers claim that the OwnCal calorie counter is the most accurate on the market. It calculates the number of calories burned during a workout, based on your weight, height, age, gender, individual maximum heart rate (HRmax) and workout intensity. This feature was available in most previous Polar models (M430, M460, V800, etc.), so their owners can evaluate the accuracy of the design.

For optimal performance with your weight, it is also helpful to use continuous heart rate measurement. Knowing how many calories you have burned, it will be easier for you to find a balance between nutrition, daily activity and sports. Your pulse will show you how your body works, and when combining data on heart rate and activity counting calories will become even more accurate.

Smart coaching

According to the manufacturers, the Polar A370 is your best friend for training. With it, your workouts become more convenient thanks to the ability to track the heart rate through a wrist heart rate monitor. This helps you train at the right intensity, using the right heart rate zones, and Polar's science-based Smart Coaching tips will help you build your workout and provide motivating feedback.


Training Benefit

A motivating review, received immediately after a hot workout, can be extremely helpful. The Training Benefit function allows you to quickly and briefly analyze each training session; for a more detailed analysis, you need to examine the training files or go to the Polar website.

Fitness test

5 minutes of your time, a resting place and a connected Polar H10 sensor are all you need to take a Polar fitness test, designed with leading researchers to determine your current level of training and tracking progress and positioned as the easiest fitness test in the world. This option is also available to owners of the Polar M430, M460 and V800 .

While you are at rest, the sensor and tracker measure your heart rate and biometrics. The result of the study is the OwnIndex index, the value of which varies from 25 for untrained people to 95 for professional athletes. To understand the dynamics of change, it is enough to pass the test once a month.

Monitoring and analysis of sleep Polar Sleep Plus


Good sleep is vital to human health and well-being. Polar's new advanced sleep analysis Sleep Plus turns everyone into a proper sleep expert and helps you get used to a more balanced lifestyle.

How? By providing valuable information. Sleep Plus tracks the time, duration and quality of sleep and automatically detects when your sleep is interrupted. You can set the desired sleep duration and evaluate your sleep in order to instantly get analysis from the application. The feature is also available for the Polar M430 , another new 2017 Polar product .

A smart sleep analysis system uses an algorithm that examines body position and wrist movement and captures the time, duration, and quality of your sleep with a 3D accelerometer. This patented Polar algorithm uses polysomnography, which is the gold standard for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and related respiratory disorders during sleep, as the primary method for scientific and medical sleep assessment to ensure maximum accuracy of the data provided.


Polar Sleep Plus captures the following sleep parameters :



Sleep continuity is a metric that, paradoxically, describes the continuity of your sleep. This is the Polar A370 rating on a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is the best indicator and 1 is intermittent restless sleep. Below we provide a gradation of sleep ratings from Polar Sleep Plus:

  1. Long continuous sleep (5.0)
  2. Continuous sleep (4.0-4.9)
  3. Enough continuous sleep (3.0-3.9)
  4. Medium fragmented sleep (2.0-2.9)
  5. Fragmented Sleep (1.0-1.9)

It should be understood that there are no official hard gradations, which duration and continuity of sleep can be considered good. However, if you constantly monitor your sleep for several weeks, you will have an idea of ​​what your individual rate is.

In fact, tracking these metrics helps to think about what external factors may affect the duration and quality of your sleep. Do you sleep less because you often travel on business trips? Do you sleep better at the beginning of the work week due to less workload? At what time of year and in what temperature mode do you sleep better?

Every morning you also have the opportunity to evaluate your sleep. The feedback from the application is based on objective accelerometer data, but is adjusted for user ratings.

In accordance with your personal sleep pattern, body characteristics, individual duration and quality of sleep, over time you will be able to figure out your habits and adjust your personal schedule to achieve greater efficiency of your body. More details on the feature can be found here .

Mobile gps

If you're exercising outdoors, the Polar A370 uses your phone's GPS signal to track your speed and plot your route if the fitness tracker is synchronized with the Polar Flow app on your phone. For GPS to work while you train, you’ll have to keep it with you.

The Polar A370 can be used as a heart rate sensor with any other compatible device with Bluetooth or a mobile application. For example, you can use the Polar A370 as a heart rate sensor for a bicycle computer, such as the Polar M460.


Intelligent Notifications

Nothing really new in this section has appeared. Polar A370 intelligent alerts, as well as versions for predecessors, help to stay informed, even if you do not have time to check the phone. Notifications about incoming calls and sms, notifications from social networks, as well as reminders about calendar events come directly to the screen of your bracelet.

Polar Flow application and web client

Polar Flow is a free fitness tracking and training app and web service available for owners of Polar devices. The application allows you to track daily activity and sleep after synchronization of a fitness tracker or sports watch with a mobile device or tablet. You can set goals and analyze progress both in the application and in the desktop window.

The parameters that can be monitored in the application are quite diverse - calories burned, sleep cycles, workout analysis. It can be used in the process of losing weight / gaining weight or, say, in preparation for a marathon - the motivation system can be configured individually using the electronic instructor Polar Flow Coach . There are cross-country programs for races on 5, 10, 21 and 42 km. Read more about running programs here .


If you use both Polar Flow and Polar Balance at the same time, you can receive personalized nutritional and activity recommendations regularly. If you are already used to using other applications, there is a simple solution: Polar Flow is compatible with the services MyFitnessPal, Strava and TrainingPeaks.

If you wish, you can share your results in the Polar Flow community by creating groups or joining them and posting training cycles and their results there. Even if you do not publish your own workouts, you can still view them in tape format, mark your favorites and comment. In the map view, you can find interesting routes and public training of other users. image

Programs from Les Mills

Les Mills is by far the most famous company that develops group fitness programs. It was founded by Philip, the son of a New Zealand four-time Olympic champion Les Mills. The first program created by him - Body Pump , combining aerobic and power load for losing weight and working out the relief, appeared in 1990; She still remains the most popular in the training series. image Les Mills workouts are available in sports profile format in the Polar Flow app, you can add them to your device, record them, and share with other users, so that everyone will know exactly how well you sweat. Everyone will find a suitable training for yoga, dance, martial arts, high-intensity interval training HIIT, and more.

Polar A370 Software Summary

Comparison with other Polar models


If suddenly you decide to compare the Polar A370 with any other models or other parameters, you can do it here .


In Europe, the tracker has already appeared, and there the price for it is 179 euros, that is, about 12 thousand rubles at the current rate; in Russia, the price has not yet been set by the manufacturer. The Polar A370 will go on sale in about a month and a half, when the model will be certified in the radio frequency center of Russia. Compare, study, pre-order, if you like the model, or wait for the model and full reviews to come out!


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