Ex-Tesla engineer claims he invented hangover cure

Good morning recipe from Sisun Lee

In modern technology companies there are many talented people who know how to think outside the box. One of these people is Sisun Lee, who worked for several years at Tesla. Previously, he didn’t have the thought of leaving his post and starting developing his own business, he really liked his job. But at one point, his hobby grew into a serious project, the implementation of which Lee gave all his strength.

It's about finding a cure for a hangover. In certain cases, alcohol lovers (or simply people who do not know how to drink) are ready to give everything, just to get rid of, to put it mildly, indisposition. After several months of hard work, as far as can be judged, he managed to find this tool. Already on July 5, Morning Recovery startup customers will get access to the drug invented by Li, which, moreover, has already been approved by the FDA.

It all started about a year ago, when 26-year-old Lee went home to South Korea. Here he regularly attended and organized parties with his girlfriend. A lot of alcohol was drunk, and Lee was expecting a bad hangover every morning after a heavy drink. But Lee's friends advised him on several medications that are used in Korea as an anti-drug. Lee says he was very surprised that the tools really worked. Getting up in the morning after heavy libations, he practically had no problems.

Already there, in Korea, he had the idea to refine the very "folk remedies" that he tried at home by launching their production and sale in other countries. After returning to the US, Lee began to study the composition and process of making drugs, trying to create something similar. But the trouble is - they did not work as they should. Then Lee ordered an "antipokhmelin" from South Korea and again tried to use these tools, plus gave them to their American friends for testing. Korean drugs worked as they should - all his friends from the United States appreciated them and started asking for more.

The fact that the engineer started making anti-drug drugs should not be surprising in the case of Lee. The fact is that before becoming an information technology specialist, he spent three years studying biotechnology in college. And then he switched exclusively to computer science.

Lee did not make much of a secret from his research. He quickly found out that the main active component of South Korean remedies is dihydromyricetin ( dihydromyricetin ). This compound is rich, for example, rattan. There is it in other plants, quite widespread in Asia. Lee some time after returning from South Korea, he learned that in his country and some neighboring countries, these remedies had been used for hangovers for thousands of years.

These preparations contain a lot of vitamin B, C and other components. The quality of the drug is affected by the degree of its purification and the combination of various substances. After examining all that can be obtained from the anti-drug drugs in South Korea, Lee and his colleagues created their own formula - their own drug, which combines the advantages of all other folk remedies. Familiar biochemists helped him in the synthesis of the final drug.

Production of the drug Morning Recovery is in full swing (in the picture - one of the production shops in South Korea)

The tool itself, according to Lee and his colleagues, was tested for a long time, mainly on colleagues and acquaintances. The results of surveys of volunteers after these tests were processed and analyzed in order to identify useful information for further work.

Initially, there was almost no commercial component. The team members started a website , on the pages of which they explained why their tool works. This page was soon noticed by resource staff helping to promote new products. And soon thousands of people tested the drug on themselves. Maybe the placebo effect worked (although the remedy, as its creators say, is quite effective). But information about the miracle drug that helps from a hangover began to spread, and it soon became clear that Morning Recovery (then the name was different) would have to be produced in much larger volumes.

In just a couple of weeks, the number of customers grew to 30,000 and continued to grow. The authors of the funds received investments from Slow Ventures, 500 Startups and other investors. It was decided to use this funding in order to build a factory for the production of the South Korean antipokhmelin. When it became clear that the usual passion developed into a serious business, Lee quit his job at Tesla and fully devoted himself to working on his project.

Perhaps not in vain, and soon all drinkers will have a saving means that helps them quickly recover in the morning after the holiday.

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