Nintendo launches another retro console for modern gamers.

Nintendo unexpectedly, even for itself, received an explosive demand for the Nintendo Classic Mini prefix launched last year (see here ). It sold several million copies of consoles, after which the company announced that the release of NCM is terminated, since all resources will be directed to the implementation of other projects. According to many experts, it was about the Nintendo Switch and everything related to this modern console.

But it turned out that the company was secretly (something was leaking into the Network, but at the level of rumors) working on another prefix, modified by a retro console for modern players. This is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition . The device goes on sale September 29 this year at a price of $ 80. Included are two wired controllers (only one went with the Nintendo Classic Mini) and 21 games.

Plus, with the console will be delivered a new game Star Fox 2 . Her company has developed for Super NES, but officially it was never released. The unofficial prototype of the game leaked to the Web, so retroconsole lovers could enjoy the Star Fox 2 gameplay on numerous emulators. But nobody saw the final version of Star Fox 2. Its creator Dylan Cuthbert confirmed in 2015 that the game was finalized just a few days before the project was decided to close. It should have been released in the summer of 1995.

The plot is associated with the first part, the storyline of the original Star Fox continues in the new game. Here again there is a struggle with the Emperor Andross who plans to capture the Laylat system, so the Star Fox team had to get together again for the final battle. When developing the new part, it was decided to use a more advanced 3D engine, which was made possible by the new version of the Super FX chip. The management decided to close the project after it was ready, so that there would be no competition with the new (at that time) Nintendo 64 prefix with its game titles.

The new console from Nintendo, despite the fact that it comes with two controllers, has only five games in the set that support joint play. The good news is that the Classic Controller and the Classic Controller Pro, developed for the Wii and Wii U, also work with SNES Classic Edition.

Of the 21 games in the kit, 14 are published by Nintendo itself. The rest are created by the efforts of developers from Capcom, Konami, Square Enix. The design of the console will resemble the design of the original console, there will be little difference. As in the NES Classic Mini, there is support for HDMI, so when playing old titles you can get new impressions. Here are the games presented by the company:

Those marked with one star are suitable for simultaneous play together. In games marked with two stars, you can play by turns (as in Super Mario, for example).

The information provided by Pulygon to the company indicates that the number of Super Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Editions that are planned to be put on the market will significantly exceed the number of NCM consoles to meet the increased demand of players. Exact information on the number of future shipments is not disclosed.

Plus, the company has prepared a surprise for Japanese gamers. So, a special version of the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom will be released for them. Everything here is practically the same as in the European and American versions, but the games are different. Japanese instead of Earthbound, Super Punch-Out !!, Super Castlevania IV, Kirby's Dream Course, and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting will receive Panel de Pon (released in the US as Tetris Attack), Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Legend Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers and Super Soccer.

In April, the last shipment of the NES Classic Edition was made. Nintendo has discontinued the release of these consoles despite the rush of user demand. Last year alone , 1.5 million copies of the Nintendo Entertainment System were sold : NES Classic Edition.


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