Melissa and particleboard in the gas chamber with Atmotube

Melissa will do later, but for now guess what the glass is filled with?

In the Roman Empire, water consumption reached 600 liters per person per day, which is comparable with modern water supply systems. The Empire was great, but the dishes and plumbing from the then popular lead contributed to the constant and slow poisoning of the body, low life expectancy of people.

The spiral of human development has led us to the same “rake” when materials that are harmful to health are used, and we, like the ancient Romans, do not feel the trick. A person consumes about 14 cubic meters of air per day, which is 200 times greater than the volume of himself. We are what we breathe.

Occasionally, specialists working with expensive instruments warn us about air pollution, but now Atmotube has become available to a wide range of people, allowing us to make information about air quality open and relevant in real time.

Existing instruments for measuring environmental parameters are “chained” to the room due to the mains supply, design features and dimensions unsuitable for wearing.

The Atmotube is the first portable air quality monitor. A sniffer, an electronic nose, a guardian of purity and an atmosphere intelligence officer who is always with you and instantly helps to avoid a dangerous situation will reduce the number of reports about the results of the action, including the “champion” among all poisons.

The device implements many modern achievements and ideas, the potential of which will be revealed as the Atmotube penetrates into our life. And this is the case when helping yourself - you help others, because not only rarely occurring acute poisoning is dangerous. I do not want to live in the atmosphere when you are slowly and constantly harassed at home (this is not about the mother-in-law), at work or at school. And this poison, accumulating in the body, leads to the appearance of diseases, from which we spend money and an irreplaceable lifetime to cure.

Atmotube was created by the American company NotAnotherOne inc., Though ...

Unpacking that is popular in reviews in order to save time and space will not be done - it is in the “ Atmotube ” photo album. In the process of extracting a securely hidden device, the matryoshka, a children's puzzle about the cabbage and the fairy tale about Koshchey Immortal, whose death is hidden on the oak, in the chest, egg, etc., came to mind. The packaging was made safely and in an original way.

In order not to go far from the initial picture, we will immediately see the result of the experiment, where it can be seen that on the second graph the amount of something (this is formaldehyde) has increased several times.

Imagine: a glass is your work or an apartment, Atmotube is you, and a piece of chipboard is furniture and other synthetic materials.

Now you can see ways to reduce the negative impact of formaldehyde, a carcinogen on your health:

- use materials that do not emit harmful substances (“gas” very little) or replace them;
- if such materials are used, they should be made so that all ends are closed and glued (do not let the genie out of the bottle);
- to raise the glass - that is, to make the ventilation system work and not allow formaldehyde to reach the concentration of the gas chamber, often ventilate the room;
- be less in such a room, walk and spend more time in the fresh air.

Man, this is an amazing creature who tolerates "to the last." But why endure, if you can avoid the harmful effects?

Atmotube is not like that. If something goes wrong, he immediately “screams” about danger, sending a message to the owner that “it’s time to take the legs off”.

LOV is not Love. The man is a canary. Not only laugh

Air is a complex composite substance necessary for life. It is logical that the cleaner it is from the components we do not need, the better for our health.

The atmosphere can be polluted by many elements, including VOC (volatile organic compounds) - volatile organic substances, the Russian equivalent - BOV. Sometimes the last word used is “compound” - VOC.

Many modern materials (chipboard, plywood, adhesives, varnishes, paints, plastics, rubber, means for maintaining cleanliness) and products where they are used (apartments, furniture, equipment in offices, etc.) emit a BWL (not to be confused with Love ) that harm human health.

Maybe that's why I decipher the reduction of VOC as “flying toxic substances”, which is not far from the truth, because polluted air is in fact a poisoned set of poisons with a certain degree of concentration that have different degrees of danger to people with different immunities. Also plays a role time exposure. And where subtle, there is torn in our health. Especially fine for those who already suffer from various diseases, for example, allergy sufferers (jokes, geeks, studying allergies?). They have an increased sensitivity to deviations in clean air.

Fortunately, many gases are perceived by the senses, which give us various “signals”. Smells we feel the nose, as written by Gianni Rodari in the poem.

What do crafts smell like?
Every case
The smell is special:
The bakery smells
Dough and baking.

Past the carpentry
You go to the workshop, -
Chip smells
And a fresh board.

Smells painter
Turpentine and paint.
Smells glazier
Window putty.

Chauffeur jacket
It smells of gasoline.
Worker blouse -
Machine oil.

Confectioner smells
Nutmeg nut.
Doctor in a bathrobe -
The medicine is pleasant.

Loose earth
Field and meadow
It smells peasant
Going after the plow.

Fish and sea
It smells like a fisherman.
Only idleness
There is no smell.

How many chokes
Swindler rich
Very unimportant
He smells guys!

The organs of sight also help: sometimes it smells so much that it stings the eyes or they start to water.
Respiratory organs also try to protect us: an involuntary cough, tickling, choking, irritation of the nasopharynx and other troubles appear.

When many people have these problems in the same locality (and modern media can quickly determine this), officials are forced to report something about air pollution, make an assumption about the source, and try to fix the problem.

That is, a person plays the role of a pollution sensor - a canary.

Therefore, it is necessary to listen to your body and guess that a headache, nausea, loss of orientation and any other deviations from the norm do not arise from scratch.
Many people due to various circumstances or do not notice these "bells" or are forced to endure them, retiring "out of harm", and she, as we know, is not given in vain.

Permanent adverse effects lead to the accumulation of poisons in the body, damage to the kidneys and the central nervous system, heart disease, allergies, asthma, stroke and cancer. And we need it?

The effect of gases on the human body is significant, which confirms the substance abuse .

The bad thing is that the amount of chemicals that surround us daily and nightly (and this is a third of life) is so great that a person simply does not perceive many of them with his senses, although many of the elements on this list produce a slow destructive effect on the body.

Sensitive Atmotube reacts to more than a hundred of them, which is a good indicator, but up to a million, like a dog, is still far away.

A very dangerous effect on a person is carbon monoxide, which is carbon monoxide (CO). This quiet and inconspicuous killer has shortened the life of many people and is considered one of the most successful poisons in terms of the number of victims.

Fire and incomplete combustion of fuel with the release of carbon monoxide trap man in many places - boilers, stoves in homes and bathhouses, garages with warming cars, popular now petrol generators.

Strongly aggravated the problem of violations in the work of ventilation. Just search for news on “carbon monoxide poisoning” to understand the scale of the problem.

Previously, in places of possible occurrence of CO, people used canaries, and from their behavior or death they learned about the invisible disaster that had come and hurriedly left the dangerous place. Then, electronic carbon monoxide sensors appeared in the security systems.

Achievements in electronics, modern sensors, low-power element base and communication systems made it possible to create an Atmotube , weighing only 42 grams, working for three days on a 350 mAh battery, rechargeable via micro USB cable type C. Cylindrical case, D 22 mm, L 66 mm, metallic, non-magnetic, titanium!

Atmotube fits perfectly into the existing infrastructure of wireless data transmission technologies, cellular communication systems and cloud technologies. A crowdfunding platform was used to raise funds.

Atmotube is located next to the owner and constantly monitors the quality of the ambient air, identifies harmful substances in the air, allowing you to take the necessary measures to avoid the negative effects of the gases described above, which not only improves and preserves our health, but also allows us to save lives.

Atmotube can be used in everyday life by people who care about their health and the health of their relatives (mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers), favorite office employees, young and future mothers, as well as when choosing a new workplace (health is more valuable than money), area of ​​residence and a new apartment (we live here), as well as a children's institution.

An example of measurements in two different apartments. The level of pollution of BWO in one of them is three times higher. And how will it affect the permanent residence?

Modern technologies are changing the world

I remember going to the woods for mushrooms on the maps of the General Staff, which were accidentally found. And this “happiness” was only among the elect.

With the arrival of satellite images to us, there are practically no secret places on the planet. Numerous navigation systems allow you to travel without a compass, without fear of getting lost in the forest or in the stone jungle. And these achievements are available to everyone!

Prohibitions and restrictions on access to information begin to give rise to ridiculous laws, leading to restrictions on the Internet in individual countries. But there are projects of repeaters on balloons, solar planes and low-flying satellites, which will make it possible to bypass these silly bans.

Among our friends, we are discussing that in some cities and villages air is very polluted, there is a high level of morbidity and mortality. At the same time, our guesses do not always agree with the official statistics. Maybe that's why a famous phrase was born: “there is a lie, a blatant lie and statistics”?
Atmotube is a “swallow” and “pigeon post”, which, in addition to Rosstat and similar organizations, creates an alternative channel for collecting information about the state of the environment, allowing residents to draw conclusions about the kind of air they breathe. The device will help to make many interesting discoveries about the atmosphere around us.

Our people in “Hollywood”

Although Atmotube was created by an American company registered in San Francisco, I was pleasantly surprised to notice not quite English names in the project team members: Vera Kozyr, Igor Mikhnenko, Dmitry Lukashev, Alexey Pyshkin, Alexey Zhuravel, Alexander Vlasenko, Elena Korchemagina.

The history of the promotion of Atmotube is interesting. In September 2015, the site , the page on facebook and the YouTube channel with the first movies about the device appear.

By January 2016, on the website page, the project team collected $ 283,797, which is several times higher than the funds originally required for the implementation of the product.

January 2017, participation in the CES 2017 exhibition under the motto “Atmotube is the first truly personal, most accessible and most compact air quality tracker that makes you smarter about the air you breathe”.

June 2017, Atmotube is available in our country for purchase by everyone. Available in five colors, I got a noble titanium.

About the program

The Atmotube operates autonomously, performing its functions and displaying the air quality index (ISC) in four colors on the LED indicator when a button is pressed.

81 ... 100% air is clean, the indicator color is blue.
61 ... 80% air is average, the indicator color is green.
41 ... 60% air polluted, indicator color is yellow.
21 ... 40% air is very polluted, the indicator color is orange.
0 ... 20% air is highly polluted, the indicator color is red.

But it is much more convenient to use devices on iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+ supporting Bluetooth Low Energy with the Atmotube app, which is downloaded from the pages of the respective stores, as a means of visualizing information.

All screens of the program are shown in the photo album “ Atmotube ”.

A bundle with a phone allows you to make data publicly available, which creates a map of atmospheric pollution in real time and takes our knowledge of the purity of the planet to a new level.

A little ride around the area, “painted” the city optimistic colors.

Information display screens.

Top line:

- Hexagon with lines inside - to exit to the menu for selecting maps, information, settings;
- the name of the displayed parameter (IKV or average values);
- battery charge level.

Second line:

- IKV value in color gamut or average values ​​with a total residence time in each zone. Summary statistics for the entire operation of the device. It is desirable to spend as much time as possible in the upper area with clean air. Switching pages produced swipe left and right.

Third line:

- digital values ​​of BOV / CO, humidity and temperature.
Clicking on the digital values ​​opens a tab with graphs of these values.
Fourth (bottom line):
- A description of the current air condition and brief tips.

When you click on the description you can read the full information on pollution.

The graphs of the IKV are shown in color coloring, you can also see the content of BV / CO, temperature, humidity, moving the graphs up and down. For example - the reaction of Atmotube to melissa, when the ICV is very poploh.

Melissa officinalis - essential oil herb. Like any medicine, it should be in moderation. If, while working with beehives, we treat a hand with melissa, not a single bee will bite - apparently due to the influence of the plant on the central nervous system, and the bee is “solid nerves”.

But tea from an experimental plant turned out excellent!

Temperature and humidity values ​​are used to compensate for their effect on the accuracy of air quality measurements. At low VOC levels, the accuracy of the air pollution sensor is about 0.05 ppm.

Archive schedules are selected according to the calendar with display of readings for the day, week, month or year.

In the settings menu, you can adjust the device to your preferences. All settings submenu screens are also shown in the “ Atmotube ” photo album. The menu allows you to configure the warning threshold of the IKV, at which the device will notify its owner, export the archive in csv format, diagnose the operation of the device, request help from the developers, choose the usual display units and interface language, etc.

CO, CO2, bred here daisy, you know ...

Dadzhet likes to distribute high-tech devices for health, including air quality monitoring. In my previous reviews: 1 (part 1 , 2 , 3 ) and 2 the instrument for measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide MT8057 was tested.

Where a person is present, there appears carbon dioxide, from the increased concentration of which it can be judged that the ventilation or ventilation system does not provide sufficient air exchange. With the presence of “bad” materials in the room, it could be assumed that the concentration of “toxic substances” emitted by them due to poorly functioning ventilation also reaches high values. That is, the assumptions were indirect, but they force a person to ventilate the room, and with sufficient air exchange, it is guaranteed to “wash out” all bad things out of our lives - both carbon dioxide and BOVA.

Atmotube itself is able to detect these numerous substances, the concentration of which is much lower than carbon dioxide. A multigas chemical sensor does not have a selective effect, unlike a dog’s nose, so the device shows its presence and concentration without specifying a specific culprit, which it feels like hundreds of pieces.

You can get poisoned and carbon dioxide, if the concentration reaches very high values. But the peculiarity of poisons is that “ one pill ” is enough for their success. The sensor in the Atmotube operates at significantly lower concentrations than in MT8057. Compare the two graphs and note the vertical scale.

The first is a graph of photosynthesis from the first part of the review, where MT8057 measures the concentration of carbon dioxide in the gas chamber with violets. Everything is as it should be , in the dark the concentration of carbon dioxide is increasing, falling in the light, which means the plant lives. On the fourth day of the experiment, the “ bird felt sorry ” and the experiment was terminated.

If carbon dioxide was measured in concentrations of 400 ... 800 ... 1200 ... 3000 ppm, then BWO, “caught” Atmotube, is present in much lower concentrations. The largest value observed in the experiments was 5 ppm. The usual value is less than one. Graph of the life of the Atmotube.

PPM .1 ppm for Atmotube versus 1000 for MT8057.

And again about dogs , the absolute sensitivity of the nose which reaches billions of shares (ppb).For example, 2,3-dimethyl 2,3-dinitrobutane, an odor marker added to explosives, can be sensed by dogs at concentrations of about 500 trillion shares (ppt).

As for the measurement of Atmotube carbon dioxide, the anecdote comes to mind: do crocodiles fly?

The direct value of CO2 concentration in the application is not displayed, but there is a graph called “Air quality index”, where the desired parameter is somehow taken into account, which is mentioned on the manufacturer's website .
In the main menu of the application there is a weakly highlighted line “Atmotube Search”, when selected, we can observe the measurement results coming from the device every 10 seconds.
While the data did not have time to be updated, copies of this “engineering menu” and the main screen for comparison were taken in a ten-second interval.

The analysis reveals the following parameters:

- individual device number;
- battery charge level;
- VOC concentration;
- temperature;
- humidity;
- IKV value;
- unknown parameter in brackets, meaning 572.

With a sufficiently long observation, this changing value did not go beyond 400 ... 1000 units, which is very similar to CO2 readings.

PS atarity explained in the comments:
The value in parentheses is the “raw” readings from the ADC, which vary from 0 to 1023. In fact, this is the sensor output, to which later all factory and user calibration values ​​are applied, corrections to the second sensor readings and other things on which the calculation algorithms are built .

The sweetest

Honey, too, will be, but the sweetest, this measurement. All results are shown in the “ Atmotubephoto album in the following order: a photo with the object of study, then a graph with the results. In the description - the time spent next to the device.

It should be noted that the reaction of Atmotube to materials is almost instantaneous, which is very useful for reducing the time of exposure of harmful gases to our body. In which case, we get a signal immediately.

Chipboard and lemon balm were shown above. The test subjects also checked: foam plastic, apricot bones, banana, flower honey, charcoal for charcoal, a wardrobe, a car seat and even ...

It is believed that the dirtiest place in the apartment is the back wall of the refrigerator. But from the point of view of LOV, we will be interested in the toilet, such as a toilet ...

Many years ago we wanted to have an outdoor toilet without odors, which was made . Visitor claims that there is no smell are one thing. The results of the means of objective control are important. Testing with the help of the Atmotube confirmed that the cleanliness of the air is almost equal to the street value, and the level of BOV is lower than in the apartment.

It is time to round out the

positive side:

1. Atmotube will always and instantly warn about being in a dangerous atmosphere for health and life.
2. An excellent system for collecting information on the state of environmental pollution has been created, which can be supplemented with any other sensors, if necessary.
3. The transfer of information to a smartphone occurs over a wireless connection. The Bluetooth Low Energy protocol contributes to a very economical power consumption of the device and the smartphone.


1. Not all platforms are supported by the device, again Lumia in the span (photo for the article, this is her work).
2. The smartphone must support Bluetooth Low Energy.
3. The USB connector has a higher orientation, which may cause it to become dirty.
4. Minor flaws in the localization of the program, which is fixable with the next update.


Important parameters are: the degree of harm of a particular substance, its concentration, the exposure time, the individual tolerance of specific substances by a person, the state of his immunity and the presence of any disease, the operation of the ventilation system.

The worst option is a hermetic gas chamber, as in the first picture of the article. Therefore - more often raise the "glass" or are out of it.

The best way to win a fight is to avoid it, and how and where - Atmotube will tell!

14 days from the date of publication of the article, a 10% discount applies to the purchase of the Atmotube in all Dadget stores in the country The magic word: GT-ATMOTUBE .


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