Programming the human nervous system. Seminar Video Part 2

In March of this year, Hicktime's users participated in raising funds to record the seminar “Programming the Human Nervous System”. The workshop was supported by 19 people from Hiktaims, thank you for your contribution. A total of 34 people came.

Here are the questions that were discussed at the seminar:

• Current knowledge of the neurophysiology of human learning, supported by the practice of using this knowledge
• The process of formation of skills, mechanisms of formation of a specialist and master
• Trigger points. Why do painful points appear in muscles and their attachment points, biological meaning, how they are related to the quality of movements. How to get rid of chronic pain in the muscles.
• Neurophysiology of the mechanism of procrastination, why important things are not done
• Theory of biofeedback loops - calligraphic handwriting in 10 minutes
• Theory of functional systems - accelerates reading speed by 2 times in 5 minutes
• NLP and the “anchoring” mechanism - why it works and how to use it properly
• Is there free choice? Consciousness and subconsciousness as the phenomena of freedom of choice

Hour and a half video of the second, final part of the seminar and a link to the first part under the cat.

PS The first part of the seminar and the invitation to the new is here .


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