Life after $ 25 million: meet the future Polybius Venture Fund

On the eve of the last, fifth week of ICO-crowdfunding , the Polybius project is now at the top of the last pre-announced level of collection plans: non-circular, but easily memorable $ 25 million. At the time of this writing, the total fees in Fiat and the crypt were just over $ 24 million. Appeals on ICO technical issues through feedback forms are increasingly interspersed with congratulations from Polybius on success and questions about what fees will go after $ 25 million. Objectively, it’s still too early to celebrate - thanks, of course, but the ICO continues; but where the money goes in stage 5+ is the question about which we ourselves wanted to talk to you.

It's simple: venture investment. About where, for what and who will direct this money - our article.

Recall that the main fees of $ 25 million are required for registration and launch of Polybius Bank in European jurisdiction, development and launch of the Digital Pass blockchain passport project and other important and pleasant things that allow the future Polybius Bank to become not only a full-fledged credit and depositary institution with all the relying functions and capabilities, but also go further in the development of the fintek industry.

As we can now say, the idea of ​​“Polybius” turned out to be attractive enough to already practically raise funds for the implementation of all major plans - while there are still enough people willing to buy Polybius investment tokens, and we can carefully predict that the amount of $ 25 million will be somewhat exceeded . Be careful - because the sharp swing of the Bitcoin and Ethereum courses brought us both joy and sorrow for this month.

However, we would not exaggerate the significance of this factor. “Polybius” is a long project, and the long-term prospects of such cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Emercoin and Ethereum, in which fixed assets were collected, remove this problem - as one of our bankers says, “the crypt will grow”. Therefore, regardless of the number on the counter on July 5, when the ICO closes, the amount of fees of $ 25 million can be considered safely passed.

What makes a good householder with incomes exceeding the current needs of the family? Tries to either save or increase them. The question of conservation, it seems to us, is not very relevant now - Bitcoin, Emercoin and Ethereum close the problem of inflation, at least. And the ideology of the Polybius project is not about a chest with (crypto) coins. Therefore, we will invest.

To avoid the illusion of spontaneity of such a decision: venture investment was initially announced as part of our portfolio of services for medium and small businesses, the creation and launch of which are already included in the 25 millionth plans.

We plan to operate only with our own funds raised during the ICO: Polybius Venture Fund will invest exactly the amount that we will collect in excess of $ 25 million.

What will Polybius invest in?

50% of the investment portfolio of Polybius will be blockchain and cryptostartaps running at the level of proof of concept and above (the project / product is up and running). First of all, we will be interested in startups from Europe and America, the priority of Asian projects, due to the complexity of the local legislation, will be slightly lower.

The other 50% will be simply operating or running projects from any other industry that we find profitable and interesting. Such diversification will make our investment portfolio more balanced.

The focus number 1 will still be crypto projects - and not only because the roots of Polybius itself lie in this industry. Coming from cryptostates, we see that this industry is still greatly undervalued by institutional investors. Cryptostates are invested mainly by crypto enthusiasts, through ICO and other participation options. "Polybius" is no exception.

At the same time, the previous project of the creators of Polybius, the developer of mining solutions for HashCoins, would be a typical example of a candidate for the investment of Polybius about 3-4 years ago. In 2013-2015, HashCoins grew by an average of 230% per year.

We are not aware of the financial performance of other projects on the market, but it is easy to assume that the shares of such technology start-ups as ShapeShift and Xapo or the crypto-trading giants Kraken and Poloniex would embellish the portfolios of any happy investor. These are companies with growth rates of hundreds and thousands of times in a matter of years.

For example, the broadcast has grown from 30 cents to $ 300 for some 2 years since its launch in 2015. The growth rate of the coin, we can project on the growth of the Ethereum Foundation.

We plan to enter both a share in the selected projects and enter them through the ICO. In the latter case, we will be interested in ICO, similar to the ICO of Polybius itself, in which we are talking about crowdfunding projects. Our focus will be not just speculative earnings, but participation in the launch of new ideas, products and user cases that will change the industry and the world.

Polybius Venture Team

“Nam” is a separate team, a separate company in the structure of a bank holding that will be looking for interesting projects for investment. Consider them and make a decision will be a special committee, which will include the founders of the project Polybius and investment experts. The maintenance of the venture fund team will cost 2% of the amount of fees in excess of $ 25 million.

What about this tokens owners?

The profit of the Polybius Venture Fund will be part of the bank’s profit.

20% of the earnings of the venture fund will go to his team for bonuses. The remaining 80% become part of the total profit of the Polybius financial institution, of which 20% (ie 16% of the total profit of the venture fund) will go to the owners of PLBT tokens.

However, unlike dividends from the profits of the very future bank, the first income from venture will go later - at least, 2-3 years after the launch of the fund, since Selected investment projects need time to accelerate and make the investment profitable.

Unlike ordinary venture, we will not have restrictions on the time of entry into the investment: it will be necessary - and we will stay for five years. Perhaps this will affect the short-term profit of Polybius, but will benefit in the long run, because it will allow the founder to grow his business without undue stress and pressure from the investor (at least on our part).

Until you overslept ICO

The last bonus of 5% to the amount of the purchase of PLBT tokens expires in a matter of hours. After this begins the final week of our ICO. There is still a chance to be in time: when paying by bank cards and cryptocurrency funds are credited at the time of receipt; when paying by bank transfer, the time of payment is considered, subject to receipt of payment within seven days.

PLBT tokens guarantee a share in the earnings of the Polybius financial institution, 20% of which distributed profits will be used annually to pay dividends to tokens owners. In addition, upon the closure of ICO, Polybius tokens will go on open sale and will be available for purchase / sale on a number of the largest crypto-burg, allowing their owners to earn also on the dynamics of their exchange rate. The fixed cost of the token at the time of ICO is $ 10. PLBT tokens can and should be purchased right now on the website .


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