Pavel Durov agreed to include Telegram in the register of information dissemination organizers


Just a few minutes ago, the creator of the Telegram messenger wrote on his page on the social network that his company would add the data “to register Telegram Messenger LLP in the register of information dissemination organizers”. He argued that the head of department, Alexander Zharov, only asked for information about Telegram and did not intend to demand access to the personal correspondence of messenger users.

“There is no question of access to user correspondence. The only question is one - about five identifiers that the messenger must inform Roskomnadzor, they will be officially entered into the register of information dissemination. At this point, "- said earlier Zharov.

Durov argues that all the data that is required for registration is already available to everyone in open sources, for example, here . The head of Telegram said that even after registering as a distributor of information , the company does not plan to implement the “anti-constitutional and technically unrealizable” law, which was called the “Spring Act”. Also, the company is not going to comply with other laws that are contrary to the protection of privacy and privacy policy Telegram.

The company only agrees to add its data to the register, which are already open, but does not plan to take on any additional obligations. Anti-terrorism Telegram will provide exactly the same as it is done now.

“As part of working with the Russian regulator, we can only promise the level of cooperation that we demonstrate in all other countries, namely, to continue to work together to remove public materials related to the promotion of terrorism, drugs, calls for violence and child pornography, and work on curbing spam mailings, ”said Pavel Durov.

In response to the statement of Durov, the head of Roskomnadzor said that if public data provided by the owner of the messenger is sufficient, Telegram will be entered into the register of information dissemination: “If the set of information necessary for entering the register of information dissemination organizers on the links that his message was sufficient, that is, all five identifiers are available, then we obviously will put Telegram in the register of information dissemination organizers. ” He also added that the response of Durov was heard and welcomed by him.

“It is obvious that in this case we will not deal with bureaucracy. And if the identifiers are all, then we will add it to the register of information dissemination organizers, ”Zharov emphasized.


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