PaySend: money transfer from card to card worldwide for 49 rubles

Many now notice that Russia in terms of the breadth of using non-cash payments has surpassed even technological America and Europe. They are not so easy to send money from card to card, as we have. But, fortunately, this summer the cross-border transfer service from card to card PaySend began to work there.

For those who are not yet accidentally familiar with PaySend: this is a convenient, easy-to-use online transfer service from card to card from Russia in the former Soviet republics (including Ukraine!) And Europe, as well as FROM Europe. The geography of the corridors is constantly expanding: the option of sending money from any American payment card to any world map (including Russian and Mexican!) Has recently appeared. What is especially important for those who practice regular "transfers" of money from card to card around the world: the commission is fixed and does not depend on the amount of transfer. It amounts to 49 rubles for transfers from Russia, 1.5 euros for transfers from Europe and $ 2 for transfers from the USA.

To make it clearer, you can simply compare the cost of transfers with other popular services known throughout the world:

* Provided that the money is sent within 3-4 business days, the extra charge for urgency (transfer within 2 minutes) can be up to 8% of the amount depending on the service. Loved by many, but rather difficult to register and use, PayPal charges for sending money from the USA to Russia up to 1.5% of the amount (750 rubles). And from Russia - up to 4.25% of the amount. Not to mention the fact that in the case of transfer to an electronic wallet, the popular and frequently used Russian service will also take a commission from the recipient 3% of the amount + 15 rubles (in the given example, the commission will be 1,515 rubles!)

Comparison of commissions of services clearly speaks in favor of PaySend - those who make money transfers regularly may find that saving only a commission per month can be from 1,000 to 10,000 rubles (or even more!), Depending on the number of transfers.

PaySend really has no "nuances", everything is simple and transparent. There are only two restrictions, in fact: no more than 5 transfers per day and a limit on the amount (the maximum amount of a one-time transfer from Russia is 75,000 rubles, from European countries - 1,000 euros). At the same time, there is a saving of time and effort: online translation: via a website or a mobile application ( Android , iOs ), in two or three clicks. The recipient receives the money within a few seconds (although it must be borne in mind that some banks may have delays of up to 3 business days, but this has nothing to do with processing the transfer service from card to card).

It is still not clear why the commission is only 49 rubles? PaySend has its own card processing PaySend Processing LLC, which serves any global bank with Visa / MasterCard and ChinaUnionPay cards. PaySend also has its own banks in Russia and the UK, and partner banks in the countries where the service operates (the “transfer corridors” are open). This means that when processing money transfers there are no unnecessary intermediaries - which means that there are no “charges” on the commission, and the money is transferred directly between the banks that are members of the PaySend system.

Another important detail if we are talking about transfers in another currency: PaySend is connected to several currency exchanges, and therefore the required currency pairs are exchanged at the real rate at the time of the transfer. The transfer rate to PaySend is updated every 15 minutes. For comparison: in popular banks, the course can be updated once every 6 hours. There are no “reference” or “approximate” courses, no “actual course, we will send you an sms after sending money”. That is why users often fix the rate on PaySend lower than that of ordinary banks: the service exchanges currencies directly, without delays and additional fees from intermediaries.

To transfer money from card to card, it is easy to register by entering the minimum required set of personal data, which will then be saved in your personal account. For the transfer itself, you need the recipient's card data, but the most important thing is that PaySend can see the transfer details BEFORE its implementation: the rate, the amount to transfer, the commission, the amount to be received (those who often transfer money are well aware of how difficult it is in traditional services see this data in advance).

So, what we have in the "dry residue" : 47 countries in Europe and the near abroad from France to Kazakhstan, and from Ukraine to Georgia. Recently, besides the long-awaited US connection (transfer from American cards all over the world), Azerbaijan and Moldova joined the service (now you can send money from Russia in the right currency).

Another very important nuance in our hectic “hacker” time: payment security. At PaySend it is implemented on the basis of the most modern standards, since the service has an international security certificate PCI DSS. 3D Secure is supported (confirmation via SMS notification), all data about transfers is securely encrypted, the site and PaySend applications are protected from DDoS attacks and other troubles like “departure or fall”. By the way, PaySend interfaces (any of the possible ones) are not only simple and intuitively oriented, but are not loaded with any advertising. Service policy: do not overload the user with unnecessary information and provide data openly and honestly, recording all calculations. That is why using an honest and fast service for transferring money from a card to a PaySend card with a fantastically low commission of 49 rubles is simply a pleasure.


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