The forbidden site is sweet: which online services are not available from Russia and what do they think about VPN?

Against the background of a flurry of news about the prohibition of “unscrupulous” VPN services ( which will no longer block prohibited sites ) and waves of proceedings about who and what else to block in Russia, in this publication we in decided to breathe out and calm down. And they made a selection of sites that are not available, not because they were blocked, but because they blocked Russia for themselves. That is simply inaccessible to Russian users.

But they could compete with local music services and cinemas, or show users content that cannot be seen anywhere else.

At the "sweet" we asked foreign and Russian services, including Yandex.Music, VKontakte and Pornhub, about what they think about the users who access them via VPN. Go.

How struggling with blocking VK in Ukraine Ivangai

Beats 1

Radio station included in the Apple Music ecosystem. At the helm are legendary American producer Jimmy Iovin and rapper Dr. Dre. They also produce headphones Beats. In 2014, Apple bought it all for 3 billion.

Advantages of Beats: this is a full-fledged live show with famous DJs, exclusive interviews and announcements of new tracks. For example, there was an interview with Eminem, and Elton John is transmitting the Rocket Hour.

Russians live is not yet available, you can only listen to the recording. To access Beats 1, you need to be an Apple Music subscriber (and you also get access to millions of tracks in their database).

What else?

There are 3 months trial for iOS and PC owners, after which a subscription will cost 169 rubles per month. True Beats 1 you can only listen to the recording.


The largest game distribution service. While working :), but there was already a precedent when Roskomnadzor blocked one of the pages of the Steam forum, where they discussed marijuana.

On Steam, we, by the way, wrote in April: "We are dealing with a lawyer: is it legal to download torrents, buy games in Brazilian Steam and not only ." Well, yes, some games on Steam are “unlocked” only for Europe and the USA.


The largest music store and streaming service (you can download songs, and you can listen to online). In 2015, the company planned to launch in Russia, but did not.

For residents of the Russian Federation

Pros of Spotify:

In the free version is available, in fact, a music catalog. You go through the VPN, create an account - better through the mail, and not through the login on Facebook - turn off the VPN. Enjoy.

Once every 2 weeks it is advisable to once again run through the VPN (remember, what country you are pretending to be a citizen!) So that the service does not think that you have changed your place of residence and has not disconnected you.

We sit in Spotify through the New York server

For downloading tracks, Kung Fu with playlists and the lack of advertising already have to pay. Now, for example, they offer 3 months of premium for $ 1 , but only until June 26. Then - 10 dollars a month. Here is the actual 2017 year instructions how to pay without hemorrhoids, especially for Apple owners.


Internet radio with an extremely complex (and because of this, especially accurate) algorithm for selecting the recommended tracks.

For residents of the Russian Federation

Many companies today are trying to make out the concept of "like / dislike" into atoms, to find a mathematical definition of personal preferences. Pandora got into this topic very deeply.

Pandora via VPN

The service uses the Music Genome algorithm, which divides each track into a bunch of parameters or "genes" - from details about the vocalist and the arrangement to the technical features of the sound recording. It is claimed that pop and rock songs have about 150 "genes", rap - 350, jazz - 400, classic - 300-450.

(But, of course, this is an average in the hospital and each example should be considered separately. There are doubts that the repchik of Vasya’s neighbor, in musical richness and richness, is ahead of, say, “Nothing Else Matters” of Metallica.)

In the free version there is advertising and restriction on passes and track scrolling. Paid tariffs with higher sound quality, personalization settings and downloading tracks are asked from $ 5 to $ 10 per month. You can try the trial.


The legendary channel that released The X-Files, Doctor House and dozens of other TV shows and shows. He also closed the sci-fi western Firefly by Joss Whedon :(

For residents of the Russian Federation

We have a Russian-language "branch", but the original broadcast has a set of serials and live broadcasts predictably more.

American Fox through VPN

A large block of episodes and programs in the recording can be watched for free, only from time to time they will run advertising. The most "fresh" is only available if you have a subscription to an American TV provider.


Netflix competitor. Fresh episodes of South Park and Fargo, their own series, Disney and the Cartoon Network for children.

Hulu plays the same FOX content (for example, the Lucifer series based on the comic by Neil Gaiman), but in this case you don’t need a TV provider. Monthly ad-free access costs $ 12. There are 30 days trial.

Paying a subscription (or subscribing to the trial) with a Russian PayPal account or card will not work - you will have to use intermediary websites or ask to pay a friend with a foreign credit card to subscribe.

We were confused, issued everything on the American map and already anticipated watching the video. But no, without VPN you only get this Screen of Death:

What do online services think about VPN?

We sent requests to all Western services known for their “blockages”. Letters with a request to comment on their position regarding the use of their services via VPN from the "forbidden" countries received the press services of Hulu , Pandora , VEVO , FOX , Spotify , Tidal , Now TV . But none of the Western services answered us - perhaps because we immediately said that their position on the VPN issue would be published in the article. Well, or because Russia and the Russian media are simply not interested in them.

But they answered Pornhub , which, although they themselves do not limit anyone, have recently been blocked in Russia. They answered the following:

We have no problems with users who use VPN for privacy. However, we hope that such users comply with the laws and regulations established by their governments. Do not break the laws!

(Pornhub image was not sent, but we could not resist)

After that we went to Yandex.Music and VKontakte: is it possible to go to them under the guise of citizens of another country? Do they prohibit such behavior or not, and why? Many Russian online services also have a geo-limitation. For example, Yandex.Music can be listened to free of charge only in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

The representative of "VKontakte" sent us to the official position of the company:

VKontakte has always positioned itself outside politics, our site is primarily a convenient platform for communication, where everyone can express their point of view regardless of the country and nationality. We understand how important it is to stay in touch with family and friends. If your provider for any reason has blocked access to VK, you can access the site using the following instructions .

The representative of Yandex.Music responded briefly and clearly:

- We can not prohibit using VPN :)

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