REDMOND SkyWaterHeat smart water heaters: hot water will not turn off

The range of intelligent technology REDMOND continues to expand, adding comfort (and the comfort of an intelligent one) to everyday life. Next in line are REDMOND SkyWaterHeat 1002S , SkyWaterHeat 802S , SkyWaterHeat 502S and SkyWaterHeat 302S smart water heaters.

In the conditions of summer frosts, May (and even June) snowfalls and already habitual disconnections of hot water - the product is very, very relevant.

The trick of smart water heaters, as well as of all REDMOND smart appliances, is the ability to remotely monitor the device from your smartphone or tablet. This can be done in two ways - via Bluetooth or via the Internet from anywhere in the world. And this means that you can set up the water heating mode in advance, and if necessary, you can easily change the settings using the Ready for Sky application on your smartphone.

Externally, the smart water heaters REDMOND SkyWaterHeat 1002S, SkyWaterHeat 802S, SkyWaterHeat 502S and SkyWaterHeat 302S are compact enameled steel tanks, the case of which is complemented by plastic elements. The design, materials and functions of all three models are the same - the difference is only in tank volumes: 100 liters for REDMOND SkyWaterHeat 1002S, 80 liters for SkyWaterHeat 802S, 50 liters for SkyWaterHeat 502S and 30 liters for SkyWaterHeat 302S. The thickness of the inner tank of all models is 1.8 mm, the heating element is made of copper, and the power of the device itself is 1,500 W. It is logical that the average heating time at the same power of the models varies: 248 minutes is required for a 100-liter tank versus 71 minutes for a 30-liter tank.

The REDMOND SkyWaterHeat controls are both mechanical (there is a control panel) and remote. And in the latter case, a really wide range of possibilities opens up. Let's say check the status of the device while at work. Or turn on the water heating, if you need to return earlier. Using the Ready for Sky application, you can customize the operation of the water heater for yourself or for the needs of the whole family: set the operating time, water heating temperature and even save on energy consumption. The application allows you to calculate the optimal mode of operation, depending on the number of family members, displacement of water consumed at different times of the day. In the near future, the function of calculating the cost of tariffs (day / night) and the choice of the optimal mode of operation will be added - and this is another way to decent savings on tariffs. Already today, the design of the case itself also allows saving - with an insulating layer 2 cm thick, as well as a low power consumption of the device.

Continuing the theme of REDMOND SkyWaterHeat modes of operation. Smart water heaters have an additional work option - “Vacation”. In this case, water heating is suspended until the family returns home, and after - immediately returns to the optimal mode (or other established settings). If desired, you can customize the heater operation on days of the week - on Saturday and Sunday, for example, the settings may differ from the everyday ones.

Another interesting REDMOND SkyWaterHeat option is Sky Manager. It will remind you that it is necessary to carry out a mandatory service of the device (to replace the magnesium anode, to take readings of the electricity meter, cold water meter, etc.).

And now briefly about how remote control of smart heaters and all REDMOND smart technology as a whole works. With a Bluetooth connection, you must install Ready for Sky (for Android and iOS) on your smartphone, log in to your account (or create a new one), register a smart device in the application. Then you can easily set the necessary parameters, set modes, etc. Such access is quite enough to control the water heater in the conditions of a house, apartment, or even a backyard.

If it is necessary to control REDMOND SkyWaterHeat from a longer distance, then the connection scheme will need some other. First, you need an additional gadget connected to the Internet and via Bluetooth - to the water heater. It will act as an intermediary between the smartphone (tablet), which is with you, and REDMOND SkyWaterHeat.
An additional gadget can act as a home smartphone gateway, and the center of the smart home REDMOND SkyCenter 11S .

REDMOND SkyWaterHeat smart water heaters are a comfortable and affordable solution to a truly sensitive issue for many Russian families. Those who do not have the opportunity to spend hot water to the country, in your home. To be washed with cool water in summer is not a problem? And if the summer itself is not set, so what to think about something cold is already unpleasant? It is no secret that there are entire cities, regions where switching off hot water in apartment buildings has become commonplace - simply because communications are hopelessly outdated. Smart water heaters REDMOND SkyWaterHeat and in this case will help not to depend on the work of housing and communal services and not to freeze completely.


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