Miracle tape from USA: stand a ton, weighs a few grams

Banderolka talks about Braeön - a super strong tape that can be stapled with anything. 30 meters of such a tape weigh only half a kilogram, and a six-meter roll costs only $ 20. No one has yet broken this “composite armor”. As a bonus, we recall a few more unusual materials, including luminous cement and absolutely black substance ↓


“The inspiration for Braeön was, on the one hand, our colossal experience in the development of polymers, on the other - the everyday problems that we all constantly face. If you ever needed to connect, fix or repair something, you will understand me, ”says Dustin McWilliams, a spokesman for Braeön.
Braeön (“Bron”) is a project that brought together almost $ 75,000 in Kickstarter in less than a month. Users of the largest crowdfunding platform threw themselves on the release of heavy-duty material in the form of light and cheap tape that can withstand enormous loads.

Of course, it’s not safe to say that Braeön is the strongest of the lungs or the lightest of the strongest materials on Earth. But the fact that the double folded tape can withstand a maximum tension of 900 kg sounds incredible. At the same time 30 meters of such a tape weigh only 500 grams.

Here's how it works: let's say you need to connect the broken links of the chain. You make a loop from Braeön, but do not tie a knot, but rather heat the junction to 60 degrees, for example, with a lighter. The ends of the tape "fuse", and after the ring has cooled, it will be almost impossible to break. If the compound needs to be removed - heat it again, the material will become soft, like clay.
“We wanted to create a material that has industrial characteristics, but does not require special equipment in order to use it. I hope that Braeön will be in every toolbox and in every kitchen glove compartment, ”says Dustin McWilliams.

Plates made of Braeön, heated by warm air or water, take any form, which allows them to be used in different situations: fix fractures of limbs, wind hockey sticks, tie a dog, make anatomical handles for anything - you can do anything that is enough imagination. True, the manufacturer warns: from the frequent and prolonged exposure to sunlight, Braeön may be destroyed. The material is non-toxic and does not react to moisture and chemicals, and the cold makes it only stronger. The manufacturer even offers to make boxing mouthguards out of it.

Braeön is a composite made of ultra high-strength thermoplastic fiber with low-temperature activated thermoplastic polymer matrix. The exact composition of the creators are kept secret, but they willingly share the material itself, offering to check how strong it is. For five dollars, two loops were handed out, which had to be torn with bare hands (if possible), simultaneously shooting themselves on video. So the guys killed two birds with one stone: they collected content for their Youtube channel and proved that Braeön really cannot be broken.

The fundraising campaign for the product ended on Kickstarter in March of this year. In addition, at the end of January, Braeön signed a contract with Laura Neis, a professional participant in dog sledding. Laura will use the material in the harness instead of the ropes, as well as for repairing anything that could break during a race of 3200 kilometers in length.

Ordering a Braeön in the US is not yet possible, although the creators promised to release the tape in May. In a recent update, the guys reported that the product will still go into production in July, investors on Kickstarter are looking forward to. It is expected that the six-meter tape will cost $ 20, for 45 meters of heavy-duty material you will need to give $ 100, and for 120 meters - $ 340.

While we are waiting for Braeön to be delivered to Amazon , there is a time to think about even more amazing materials, though not always available such as Braeön.


We all remember the “blackest material” - Vantablack - which reflects 0.035% (for comparison: the blackest carbon reflects 4%) of the visible light spectrum and therefore, in the photo and live it looks like a perfect black spot at any angle. This substance from carbon nanotubes was created by scientists of the British National Physical Laboratory in 2014. The material can potentially be used in telescopes, in the production of energy, to protect people from radiation, in the production of weapons, as a coating for miniature nodes and elements of various microelectromechanical devices. However, it’s impossible to simply buy and buy Vantablack, you need to get permission for the export of material from the UK, and it is prohibitively expensive. It is also interesting that due to the almost complete absence of reflected color, Vantablack is perceived by people not as a kind of very black object, but as a black hole, a bottomless blackness. See for yourself ↓

There are other equally interesting developments. For example, the Japanese company Spiber produces Qmonos, a synthetic analogue of the web, whose threads create genetically modified bacteria. A year ago, The North Face even began selling Moon Parka series jackets (for $ 1000) made of fabric, which includes Qmonos threads. Fabric with such additives has not only extraordinary wear resistance, but also perfectly keeps heat.

Another example is self-healing polymers. Scientists from the universities of Cardiff, Cambridge and Berkeley have created a number of building materials that can “heal” scratches and cracks in buildings without human intervention. Experts hope that the use of these polymers will increase the service life of bridges, houses and roads at least twice.

Another future material available today is the so-called bioplastic. It is produced from chitin, obtained using crustacean cells. Bioplastic weighs much lighter than aluminum, but at the same time it is much stronger than metal. Its production is not worth much money, the material is environmentally friendly and can be used as raw materials in 3D printers.

Well, the last interesting material presented at the end of 2016 is luminous cement. Retaining all the properties of ordinary cement, the scientists were able to make it absorb the light and give it back when it gets dark. It is assumed that the use of such cement will make some public places, such as parks, more energy efficient.

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