Telegram entered in the register of information dissemination organizers

Today, June 28, the Telegram messenger and a number of related resources have been entered in the register of information dissemination organizers. These are the website, its abbreviated version, and the browser version The registry number of the “cross-platform messenger for smartphones and other devices” Telegram - 90-PP.

This morning, Pavel Durov, on his page on the social network Vkontakte, stated that these companies of the messenger’s owner are in the public domain, so entering this information into the registry does not present any difficulty.

In response, the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, said that all the necessary data would be added to the registry, provided that they were sufficient for registration. Plus, the head of the department promised not to carry out long bureaucratic work, but to act quickly. Which, as we see, was done.

On this, perhaps, the conflict between the management of the messenger and Roskomnadzor has been exhausted. It all started quite difficult. On June 23, Roskomnadzor announced the impending blockade of Telegram in the event of the failure of its creators to register as ORI . The organizers of the dissemination of information, according to Russian law, must keep data of users from Russia in the territory of the country. Access to this information should be provided to special services upon request.

And the special services, in turn, showed extreme interest in accessing the correspondence of the messenger users. The FSB believes that the terrorists used this program to communicate during the preparation of the terrorist attacks in St. Petersburg.

Anyway, Telegram is already entered in the register of ARI. Despite the fact that it obliges any organization operating in the Russian Federation to comply with legislation, including the “Spring Law”, Pavel Durov says that his company will not do this.

“As part of working with the Russian regulator, we can only promise the level of cooperation that we demonstrate in all other countries, namely, to continue to work together to remove public materials related to the promotion of terrorism, drugs, calls for violence and child pornography, and work on curbing spam mailings, ”said Pavel Durov.

Well, until all the formalities have been completed, we are not talking about blocking the messenger in Russia.


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