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Good afternoon, dear colleagues! Being a website developer and constantly deploying new servers on June 28, I ran into a problem. You deploy a new server, go over its IP (that is, you type the server ip in the browser with resas, for example, or so ) - the result is “Be careful, malware”.

I wrote tickets to TimeWeb technical support about the problem. I asked to check the situation, in connection with which it appeared. I thought would take action!

And what did they do? Probably "Nothing"! Today I began to deploy new servers:

All of them give a warning about malware, here is a list of IPs that I deployed today:

And I unfolded these 28.06.2017

Check, colleagues, servers by IP.

UPD: 07/02/2017 13:00
Expanding the server and going over IP you should go to the page like this

But only without the inscription is dangerous!

UPD: VDS server company TimeWeb.

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