Server room or cabinet with active noise cancellation

Hello. This is my first post, so please do not judge strictly.

I am the owner of a small company, in combination I set up all my servers myself. I have a fairly simple network architecture with four 19 "physical servers, which recently lost their kolokshen to the server landlord.

There was a question about the allocation of a server room from the total area of ​​the office with the compacting of the team or the installation of a silent cabinet, the principle of which has already been described in Habré.

Then I will try to determine for myself: build the simplest server room or install a silent cabinet.

From the calculations, I will throw out the same work for both cases, such as: power supply, switching, and other identical work.

Calculating the cost of ownership server

Input data for the calculation will be:

- the minimum server area according to the ANSI / TIA / EIA-569-B standard should be at least 14 square meters, but foreign standards are not decree for us. We took as a basis 8 sq. M. m., so that the cabinet could be approached from either side;
- rental rate per sq.m. - 1000 rubles per month;
- minimal construction work on the construction of the server: plasterboard partitions, noise insulation, wide door, fire alarm, lighting, ceiling alteration;
- The simplest cooling system for household air conditioning without redundancy;
- sufficient budget server cabinet CMO 42U with ventilation modules ;
- tenure - 3 years, since in our country any leader from the field of small and medium-sized businesses does not look beyond 3 years.


- Cost of ownership for 3 years - 1000 rub. / Sq. M. * 8 sq. M. * 36 months. = 288 000 rubles.
- the cost of building a server - 50 000 rubles.
- the cost of installation of air conditioning - 60 000 rubles.
- the cost of the cabinet with ventilation ventilation - 66,500 rubles.

TOTAL for 3 years: 464,500 rubles.

Calculating the cost of owning a silent cabinet

The input data for calculating the cost of ownership of an active noise-canceling cabinet Silentium :

- the area occupied by a case - 1 sq.m .;
- rental rate per sq.m. - 1000 rubles per month;
- air conditioning in the office is already installed;
- tenure - 3 years.


- cost of ownership for 3 years - 1000 rub. / Sq.m. months * 1 sq.m. * 36 months = 36 000 rub.
- the cost of a typical silent cabinet VIST AcoustiRACK - 420 000 rubles.

TOTAL for 3 years: 456,000 rubles.


We will summarize unscientific - without weight coefficients, trite by the number of pluses.

Server roomSilent cabinet
[-]cost of ownership for 3 years: 464,500 rubles.[+]cost of ownership for 3 years: 456,000 rubles.
[+]most of the investment "spread" for 3 years[-]most of the investment must be allocated immediately
[-]when renting additional space for the server room, there may not be small spaces in the business center or there may be no free spaces at all[+]You can always allocate 1 sq. m. from the already rented area without serious sealing of employees
[-]allocation of space for the server in an already operating office is associated with the compaction of employees[+]You can always select from the available office space 1 sq. m. without staff seals
[-]not every landlord will allow office redevelopment[+]in accordance with the landlord is not necessary
[-]the need for construction and electrical work[+]electrical work only
[-]when moving the server will have to build again[+]mobility - transported wherever it wanted
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Frankly, for all its obviousness, I have not yet made a decision.
And what would you choose?


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