By 2020, Norway plans to ban the heating of premises by burning petroleum products and gas

Oil production platform in Norway

Many countries are increasingly using alternative energy sources for their needs. Among these countries and Norway. Despite the fact that a large amount of oil and natural gas is being produced in this country, the Norwegian government plans to ban the heating of houses with oil products and gas. Implement this plan should by 2020. If everything works out, then Norway, which is the largest supplier of combustible minerals in the region, will become the first country in the world where such a ban works.

In addition, it is also planned to remove vehicles with internal combustion engines by 2025 here. We are talking primarily about those vehicles that work on derivatives of combustible minerals. By fulfilling its plan, the state intends to drastically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and air polluting substances.

What do households do? The Norwegian government represented by Vidar Helgesenlaid (Vidar Helgesenlaid) stated the following about this: "Those who use oil products for heating should find an alternative by 2020." Such an alternative can be heat pumps , "green" electricity, specialized boilers operating on fuel briquettes from sawdust. It is also planned to prohibit the heating of houses and at the expense of natural gas - though not now, and later.

The ban will apply to both old and new buildings, both households and enterprises that own a large number of premises. According to the plan, the current steps taken by the government should help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 340,000 tons per year. According to experts, Norway is now emitting more than 53.9 million tons of such gases.

The Norwegian government hopes that the new plan will set an example for other states that may also begin to reduce the use of oil and gas for space heating. Norwegian organizations that advocate an increase in the activity of the government on the issue of environmental protection are satisfied with the plan, considering it unprecedented. “This is a very important change that will significantly reduce emissions, giving a clear signal that we are moving from burning to renewable energy sources,” says Marius Holm, head of ZERO, one of the environmental organizations in Norway.


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