The victorious “postal collapse” CEO of the Post of Russia has been dismissed

According to RBC, Pochta Rossii will not renew the contract expired on July 1 with its CEO Dmitry Strashnov. The government of the Russian Federation has not yet approved the new head of the postal department, therefore, Olga Osina, the first deputy Strashnov, will temporarily be the director.


Dmitry Strashnov moved to the Post of Russia in April 2013 from private business, previously working in the Russian division of Tele2, Philips and Electrolux Home Appliances. His task was to clear up the mail collapse, when 500 tons of parcels had accumulated at the Sheremetyevo airport and a temporary embargo was imposed on international shipments. The international postal exchange was in collapse. Since then, international shipments have become more than tenfold, but such major failures no longer occur.

The strategic goal of Strashnov was to make a competitive enterprise out of the Post of Russia, which could be developed without state financing. This task has been completed: according to the PR, it has ceased to receive state funding since 2015. Revenue, profits and labor productivity grew steadily every year.

Why was he fired?

One can only guess about the reasons for the dismissal: who could not please the work of the CEO, who consistently changed the image of the structure so better that its one name, along with Sberbank, became a common noun as an example of inefficiency and unfriendliness to the client?

Nevertheless, the calls about Strashnov’s disobedience have gone since last year:

We will not poke a finger (as the rules say, Giktayms is not for politics ), but it will not be difficult to google unprofitable state-owned corporations, the management of which, from year to year, writes itself grand bonuses. Against this background, the cases on the payment of bonuses to the head of the company, which has become self-sufficient, and instead began paying dividends to the state budget, look rather strange.

The closest thing that could be connected with the true motives for the dismissal of Strashnov, we managed to find in his March interview to Vedomosti:

The company, in turn, is in a high degree of readiness for the holding of shares. 90% of the property complex of mail is already in the ownership of the Russian Federation. Over the past four years, we have managed to return to the contour of the Post of Russia more than 6,500 objects — these are real estate and land plots that could be lost and disappear from state ownership.

It is unlikely that any property could simply be lost - rather, it had to go into the wrong hands. And these hands could participate first in warning shots at Strashnov with the help of the Prosecutor General’s Office, and then lobbying against the refusal to continue cooperation with him.

However, this is just our opinion, based on a cursory analysis of news related to Strashnov and the reaction to his dismissal in social networks. If you have more reasonable and plausible explanations for the reasons for refusing the services of a person who has made “Mail of Russia” payable and more customer-oriented, please share them in the comments.

What's next?

Strashnov’s dismissal is a signal to the future managers of the Post. If you have decided to move from private business to a state corporation, increase its efficiency and correct the image, and for all this you get honor and cash bonuses - then you need to think again. Whoever succeeded him could hardly expect even the same level of enthusiasm and ambition to be expected from the new director, under the fear of another check by the Prosecutor General’s Office. So, apparently, the post office of Strashnov, the own airline of Post of Russia, which we have even invented a name , will not take off.

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