Samsung used the details of the "explosive" Galaxy Note 7 to create a new phone


Samsung, as you know, withdrew all Galaxy Note 7 with a failed design . These phones are "famous" for the relatively often ignited - both when charging and in the pockets of users. Of course, if you take into account the number of phones sold (2.5 million), then several dozen ignited ones are negligible, but Samsung preferred not to risk its reputation and withdraw the unsuccessful model. At this, the company lost many hundreds of millions of dollars, including direct losses and reputational losses (the demand for Samsung products dropped for a while).

In order to somehow compensate for their losses, management decided to use the details of Galaxy Note 7 to create new phones. They are ready for shipment, and a limited number of devices will be on sale - about 400,000. The characteristics of the new Galaxy Note are practically the same as those of the Galaxy Note 7, the only thing is that the battery capacity is lower. Accordingly, lower and the price - by as much as 30%.

As for the battery, its volume has decreased slightly - only 300 mAh (the new phones have 3200 mAh batteries instead of the original 3500 mAh).

The name of the new model is Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition). Nothing is known about whether this phone will be sold in other countries. The company's management said it would think about it later. If any decision is made, then it will be reported additionally. In all likelihood, Samsung plans to test sales activity in Korea, and then, if everything goes well, send FE to other countries. Whatever it was, it’s more like a desire to clear the stores of old phones and return some of the lost money than on real sales of devices for fans of their products.

In just a few weeks, the company will launch another phone, this is the new flagship Note 8 . Probably, the engineers took into account all the shortcomings of the design of devices of the previous generation, so that Note 8 will not ignite spontaneously.


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