How does the service of walking dogs "dog-reveler"

Dog breeders know what a pain it is to leave a dog on vacation or a trip. In May 2016 in Moscow, the service on walking and doggitting " Dog- Reveler" was launched, which gathered a lot of positive reviews in the media.

The Mishiko project connects with the guys the possibility of a long and good partnership: with the tracker, dog owners can go into the app and find out that their dog is in order for the whole time of overexposure.

In order to learn more about the service of the Reel Dogs, we personally met one of the walkers, and also talked to the founders of the service. We'll tell you firsthand.

KDPV with one of the walkers Dogs

How does it work?

A dog-reveler is a service in which customers can order one or more runs for their four-legged friend, or arrange a 24-hour stay with the dog (the so-called dog-siting - whatever that means). The cost of regular walking ( costs 590 rubles ) includes a 45-minute walk, washing of paws, as well as feeding a pet.

We met with the walker Anya right during one of the orders.

Anya, hello! Tell me, how does the order of the exuser proceed?

Hello! The client places an order on our website: fills out a form with information about the dog (breed, age, weight), selects the dates of walks and offers a choice of several walkers who will be comfortable with the order. When the choice is made, the visitor arrives at the first acquaintance to the client, and if everyone is happy with everything, then the customer sends the keys to the apartment and leaves the dog for guardianship to the service employee.

How did you do the interview at the Dog Reel?

The service approaches the selection of employees very responsibly. First, I filled out a questionnaire: I told my personal data and the reasons why I would like to work with dogs. The next stage is an office test. Sample questions in the test are: if there is a cat on the street, will you allow the dog to go to it? Will you allow other people to touch the dog? What to do in case of meeting with street dogs? What measures should be taken if the dog ran away? And so on. According to the results of the test, if you score enough points, then you pass for a personal interview. On it you need to show and prove your communication skills with a pet. You need to be able to calm the dog, get its attention, and generally find an approach.

What services do you have besides regular dog walking?

Since March, we have started "dogsitting", or overexposure. Dogsitter can take the pet to his home, or sit with him in the client's apartment, while the owner of the dog is away. There is an alternative in the form of "day nurse". In both cases, the sitters walk the dog, feed it, play with it. We regularly send reports and photos to the owners. If dogsitter is constantly in the apartment of the client, then we offer even periodic video chats, so that the owner of the dog does not have excitement.

With Mishiko, it became possible for the owner of the dog to also see through the application where the pet is and how active he was on each walk. It is also interesting for us to keep track of how much the dog ran into this time, and if we had not faked while walking.

And what do the reports include?

These are stories about the walk. We try to describe in detail and interestingly what happened during our visits - maybe a dog met a cat, or was not very active on that day. All this we send to the owner of the dog.

How does Mishiko work with the Reveler Dog?

It's simple. When placing a new order, the walker gives access to the Mishiko application to the dog's owner. In the appendix, these dogs are entered (weight, age, breed) to calculate the rate of its activity using a special formula calculated for more than 500 breeds. The formula helps solve two problems. The first is to calculate the average stride length of the dog, depending on its individual parameters. This will help correct the raw data from the accelerometer. And the second - on the basis of already adjusted data to get the standard of activity, which is required for a specific dog.

When a walker goes for a walk, data about the walk are displayed in the online application and the walk history is saved. You can see the distance traveled, and the time of the walk - so the walker is more interesting to walk with the dog, and the dog owner is always sure that the pet really walked for 45 minutes. Here is how a walker sees data about dog activity:

( the owner of the smartphone, of course, displays the same thing, but already without a dog in the background )

Location tracking also works for both the host and the walker. The dog's owner can track how the dog moves during the walk, and see if it has escaped from the “safe zone” (even push notifications can be set for this case). Vyglyschik can also use GPS-tracking in case the dog escapes from the leash. It is unlikely that this will happen, but if anything, the function is extremely important.

Here is how the location is displayed on the smartphone of the walker:

How do you deal with big and naughty dogs?

To any dog ​​you can find an approach. We have to look after big dogs - husky, labradors, rottweilers. The issue is not in size, but in aggression. We were faced with situations where the dog quietly allowed the walker into the house, but did not allow him to put on a leash, showed aggression. Here heavy artillery comes into play — a delicacy.

There are dogs that pull the leash constantly, always pick up something from the ground - in this case, the owners are asked to wear a muzzle. Usually, when a dog does not obey, we try to influence it with various intonations, twitching of the leash, or luring with a treat.

Vygulshchik Anya and a big naughty dog ​​in Moscow summer

How long is a walk with a dog?

We have a standard - 45 minutes. But, depending on the wishes of the client, we can walk less. You can also add an additional 45 minutes or more to the walk for a fee.

[ at this moment the dog finally does its work, and Anya hurries over with a one-time package to clean it ]

Do you have this mandatory requirement to clean up after the dogs?

Yes, with this strictly - for the dogs, we must clean. To do this, we are issued disposable gloves and walking bags.

What do you do if the dog runs away?

For a year of work, fortunately, the dog never ran away from me, but they explain to us at trainings that in the event of an escape, the dog usually runs home, and we need to look for it near the house. Plus, we immediately call the manager and the owner, tell about the situation that has happened. With Mishiko, everything is easier - if something happens, the dog's GPS location can simply be tracked in the application.

Are hillers familiar with each other?

Of course. We do not see each other often, but always in touch in the general chat in Telegram. There we discuss all the working and non-working moments, solve issues with schedules and replacements.

Do you go to the office of the Dog Reelers?

We come to the office for corporate issues - meetings, issuance of corporate inventory, training. Sometimes guys arrange corporate parties :)

You do come to strangers' apartment. How do the neighbors react?

Most often we are interested in concierges in the hallways. But I tell you where I'm from and what apartment I go to. In addition, the client often warns the concierge that I will walk the dog.

And if the dog is under stress due to the departure of the owner, does not eat or drink, what do you do in such cases?

For all my experience, I, again, have not come across this. But I think we would immediately contact the manager and owner of the dog and do something together.

And if there are any doubts about the dog, can you abandon it at the first meeting?

Yes, of course, this is solved at the first meeting. If during communication with the owner or during the trial walk there is something that we don’t like, or we understand that we cannot cope with the dog, then we can refuse the order.

The founder of the dog-revelers - about the start, investment and difficulty finding a walker

Having walked with Anya, we decided to talk with the founder of the service Natalia Shipshily.

Natalia and the team of dog-revelers

Natalia, how did the dog-reveler service appear?

I came up with the project to solve my own problem - I really had no one to leave the dog when I could not walk with her myself. At some point, an idea came to my mind - to create a project for dog walking and dog siting.

Plus, I always wanted to do urban projects - I have a second education in the field of urban planning and urban development. The result was such a doggy city project.

I read that in the beginning you had a symbolic angel tranche of an investment of 300 thousand rubles. How did the project develop later?

Yes, there were very small investments at the start, they helped us with the launch. Further the project was developing without investment, and now it works only on self-sufficiency and its own economy. We are now growing very fast, we are not coping with the volume of orders - there are not enough resources. Therefore, we began to engage in raising funds in capital.

And how are you technologically working now?

We do not have our own platform, but we use a large number of integration, which allows us to build the entire operational process for the selection of the contractor to the order. The client leaves only an application for walking or do-siting, and we already give him the final result - we select the perfect performer. We also take into account the requirements of our employees so that the time and days of the week are convenient for them.

How did you get performers "at the start" and now?

At the start of the service, in partnership with experts on the correction of dog behavior, we developed a beta version of the methodology for selecting and testing performers.

For half a year already our Senior begger with the team has been improving the system for the selection of performers. Today, it works as follows: the candidate fills out a form on the site - a rather large questionnaire, where he brings in a lot of personal data, including social networks, a description of himself, a photograph, and experience. Next, we do screening: by the way a person presents himself in a questionnaire, by analyzing his social networks, we understand how generally he is suitable and adequate.
Further - testing, then interview by phone. If these two stages have been completed, then we invite you to the exam and training with the Senior Walker. Following the exam, we decide who joins the service. And then the newcomer is waiting for 3-5 more internships on the runs with different dogs and experienced walkers-tutors. According to the results, no more than 10% of people reach the work as a walker from incoming applications.

How many performers do you have right now?

About 50 people. They are not enough, we are not coping with the volume of orders. Now the main task is to double the number of performers.

One of the customers is the Reveler Dogs

Do you have insurance against theft for customers?

We do not have insurance yet, such services in Russia are not insured. In fact, now we insure only that we have a very strict selection of employees, testing and training. All the people we take are adequate and “understandable”. We collect a lot of personal information about the performers: a certificate from the place of work, from the place of study, a certificate of no criminal record. It will be difficult to run away from us, they know it.

Were there any problem situations with clients?

From the point of view of safety and loss of a pet - no, for a year and a little work there was not a single problem.

So, the Reveler Dog means your Mishiko enjoys, and what's wrong with me?

Well, like that - if you read it right up to the very end of the post (or skimmed it?), Then for you we have prepared a special discount. -15% for any version of Mishiko: just on the website in the field "promo code" enter mishiko_walk

And remember, after this purchase, your life will no longer be the same.


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