Began mass production of Tesla Model 3

As promised, Ilon Mask July 8, 2017 showed a photo of the first production car Tesla Model 3 - rear-wheel drive five-seater electric car with one motor and a range of 350 km. In his twitter, the engineer and entrepreneur wrote that Production Unit 1 is ready and is undergoing the last test.

The owner of the first production car was to become Ira Ehrenpreis (Ira Ehrenpreis), who first paid the full cost of the car during the reception of pre-order. But he transferred the rights to the car to Ilona Mask in honor of his 46th birthday. Maybe he did the right thing: after all, in the very first copy there is an increased risk of marriage. At least, on the starting batch of Model S there were a lot of complaints.

So Ilon Mask himself will receive the first copy, as was the case with previous Tesla models.

Interestingly, three days before the official announcement, a batch of cars similar to the Tesla Model 3 was noticed on an autotrailer near Stockton (California).

Tesla Model 3 buyers will soon start getting their paid cars. First of all, they will serve customers from North America, then from Europe, then from Asia and Pacific countries. At last, cars will be delivered to left-hand traffic regions. In the queue for the purchase of priority are the owners of Model S and Model X.

Analysts point out that Tesla demonstrates a loss almost every quarter. In I quarter. In 2017, the loss amounted to $ 622 million, and in the II quarter. In 2017, even fewer cars were sold than in the first. In June, Tesla shipped only 3,500 units ā€” the worst figure in the last five quarters. According to experts, Tesla Model 3 is unlikely to improve the company's financial performance in the short term. According to Guggenheim Securities, for the first time Model 3 will bring a loss of 15% of sales, but in 2018 with the start of massive sales, the situation may change.

By the end of July, it is planned to send 30 copies of the Tesla Model 3 to buyers. Then the production will grow exponentially : 100 pieces in August, 1500 pieces in September. By December, production is planned to increase exponentially to 20,000 units per month, and in 2018 - to 40,000 units per month. If the plans are implemented, the Model 3 will easily enter the top 20 most popular cars in the US in 2018, overtaking much cheaper gasoline cars like the Hyundai Elantra or Nissan Sentra.

Since the spring of 2016 on the Model 3 decorated hundreds of thousands of pre-orders, so that the plans are quite real. Already in the first week in March 2016, 325,000 pre-orders were received totaling $ 14 billion. Since then, more than 400,000 pre-orders have been accepted. For pre-order you need to make a deposit of $ 1000.

The minimum price for Tesla Model 3 is $ 35,000, and the average configuration cost in pre-orders is $ 42,000 (the government will deduct $ 7,500 from this amount in the US, plus additional credits and tax deductions in different states). For comparison, a Chevrolet Bolt without tax deductions costs $ 37,495.

Model 3 can not be compared in acceleration time up to a hundred with Model S. There is not 2 seconds, but only 5.6 s, but this is better than the electric competitor Chevrolet Bolt (6.5 s). In the future, Ilon Musk promises to release a version of the ā€œDā€ with a double engine and all-wheel drive.


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