Working with the Modbus protocol in the iRidium lite application (video)

The Modbus protocol is only a couple of years younger than me, but so far it has been used more than actively. That's because it's simple and free. True, the devil will break a leg, if the customer needs to submit the installed system in a modern way. A smart house on modbus has always required a lot of time, qualification, precious time, experienced setup men. Nevertheless, there are many excellent in terms of price / quality controllers from different manufacturers , both domestic and foreign.

Almost all the tools that are now available for this protocol offer a not very nice and convenient visualization, a complicated setup. If you need to forward information to other protocols, connect online services or control the voice, you need to program additional controllers, configure circuits, etc. And even after that, the resulting system will be ineffective, difficult to expand.

iRidium lite offers a radically excellent solution for these tasks. Here, modbus devices can be combined with other protocols and services, such as Gmail, connect voice control via Homekit, manage from applications for iOS / Android / Windows. And all this without programming, rather simple means.

Ps. For tests, I use the Modbus Simulator utility, here is the link . Read more about iRidium lite here .


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