How to sing Soviet songs in English and develop pronunciation

Different people have different musical tastes. But many of us, especially the older generation, love Soviet songs at heart. What if you save the melody and rhyme, but change the text?

You will be surprised, but 95% of your favorite retro songs are already translated into English and sung. There is even a Soviet Songs in English channel on YouTube, but it's not very popular. I have not seen anything mentioned in the articles about him, and I want to fill this gap. For me it was just a godsend!

Many people think that they have no voice and do not even try to sing. But even if you are not a singer, you will probably be able to sing along with the performer, do it with benefit and pleasure ...

Soviet Songs Channel in English

The main source of Soviet songs is about 50. Some of the titles are not very obvious and you just need to watch the video to find the ones you need. For example The Voice of My Tomorrow - Beautiful far away .

Here is a small list of the most popular songs, in my opinion:

  1. Million Scarlet roses
  2. Song about polar bears
  3. Grass near the house
  4. Katyusha
  5. Victory Day
  6. Russian anthem

What can be added (not on the channel)

  1. Varshavyanka
  2. Anthem of the international
  3. Get up, country is huge
  4. Song about homeland
  5. Blue car , who watched Cheburashka in childhood, can be nice

Songs similar to the Soviet

  1. Do you hear the people sing - Just a gorgeous song (from the musical Les Misérables) that matches the revolutionary spirit
  2. Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

Questions and answers

Do I need to be able to recognize English speech in songs without text? No no and one more time no! This is the reason why I have not sung for many years, thinking that it is still “early” for me to sing, because songs are even more difficult to understand than movies. You need to open the text and sing it, and the recognition will come after the knowledge of the text. Start singing today, do not delay.

How many times do you need to sing a song to sing along with the singer? From three to ten times, depending on the complexity of the song. Just listen, watch the lyrics and sing along. If the song does not go, return to it a couple of days later. You will be surprised - it will be much easier to sing.

Do I need to learn the text and strive to sing without text and / or without a singer? Nope I always sing in the text. For the sake of experiment, I learned Katyusha and sang to the melody without words, but I cannot say that there was some benefit from this.

What is missing

I managed to find almost all the songs I wanted. Could not find Fly away on the wings of the wind and some military songs ( Red Army is the strongest , etc.). Also it should be noted that the song Winged seesaw is very beautifully sung in English, but I could not find the text to it anywhere. If you find - skinte.

Where to go next

If you like military or historical subjects, be sure to try the Sabaton group. I recommend you to use the search engine music Vkontakte with the checkbox "Only with the text." Turn on the song, open the lyrics and sing along. It's simple!

  1. Attero Dominatus - Berlin Offensive
  2. Panzerkampf - Battle of the Kursk Bulge
  3. Rise of evil - the rise of the Third Reich
  4. 40: 1 - about the defense of Wizna by Polish troops
  5. Battle of Stalingrad - Battle of Stalingrad


I have tried so many different approaches to learning a language and I want to assure you that singing is super effective. I sang these songs many times in the last 2 months, spent about 17 hours and got a lot of pleasure. For me, these songs turned out to be some kind of gold mine in learning the language and have simply HUGE efficiency. They smartly put the pronunciation and take the learning of the language to a new level, print it deeper into your memory. I can now pronounce more complex sounds and correct the pronunciation with about 100 important words that I had previously uttered incorrectly.


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