Meet the new auditorium cinema halls: Sound podcast transcript

In the 41st edition of the podcast “ Sound ” - Timofey Shikolenkov with a brief story about the results of a large construction project, which took place right in the office of Audiomania and ended successfully not so long ago.

One of Audiomeania's cinema halls - it is open to all who are interested in the topic of home theaters.

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Dmitry: We are sitting in a chic cinema hall. This is the new showroom of Audiomania. It is necessary to tell more about him and even "show." Once we write on video.

Timofey: I only wonder how our listeners will lick.

Dmitry: Arrange audio / video format.

Timofey: I get it. It will be necessary not only to listen, but then and see. Of course, when we talk about cinema, it is very strange to try to talk about it.

This room was once an office. Here once sat the marketing department of Audiomania.

Dmitry: But behind the wall has long been a traditional showroom, where you can listen to the acoustics. By the way, and screens hung.

Timofey: Yes. They are still hanging. Simply, there are slightly different approaches to the demonstration. The big showroom was, is and will remain. This is one of the largest showrooms in Eastern Europe - 90 square meters on which you can demonstrate anything: almost any equipment designed, including, for large premises.

Dmitry: And now another 90 meters has been added.

A short video directly from the recording of this release:

Timofey: Now there are more opportunities. Not only the cinema opened, but another room, which I will discuss later. We decided to turn part of the office space into something completely different.

The market is undergoing quite significant changes. This is connected not only with the crisis, but also with a change in the behavior of consumers, as well as the consumption of goods and content.

Everything is changing very much. This may explain the reasons why such a large number of companies leave the market. Before our eyes, distributors and retail companies that were engaged in classic Hi-Fi and High End are dying, where it was just impossible to “enter”.

In some companies on the threshold they even asked the question what status I am in. I have always been puzzled by this question. What is my status? Married

A stupid question for a potential client is hard to come up with. But such companies were. It became really very difficult for them to live. Previously, in order to survive, they had only one customer buying a set for a million once a year.

Changed, to put it mildly, everything. The consumption model has changed. There are no more people who just want to buy equipment “cooler than from a neighbor”. That model, which was designed for most of the market, has not worked for a long time.

At the same time, people had completely different needs.

Dmitry: Has everything become more individual?

Timofey: Not exactly. If earlier there was interest and different degrees of this interest, now this interest has diverged in a diametrically opposite direction.

There are people for whom music has become something completely unprincipled. They listen to something in the headphones for the background and that's it. Another part of the audience was fascinated by this so that it is not enough just good speakers at home. Many are ready to allocate for this whole room. It can only be music, maybe even a movie. Or a hybrid room - a full-fledged home theater.

Every time I am in this room, my emotions reach the goosebumps. I would live in this room. I am a film fan. I watch movies almost every night.

I also have a decent hardware, but this is just “the top of achievements”. This is just an uncompromising cinema. He fully meets the needs that people who are really passionate about this issue now have.

Dmitry: It is this hall that is all the same a story about a country house and a basement room, which is recessed and protected from external sounds? Or is it possible to put a similar construction practically everywhere? For example, now we are sitting in an office center not so far from the central part of the city, closer to the east of Moscow.

Timofey: Exactly. Many people who just choose acoustics or equipment for the cinema, look at the size of the speakers and say that "the neighbors will hear everything."

In fact, one can and should choose the acoustics in such a way that it was you, of course, not the neighbors, who listened to it. This is possible even in the usual nine-story building.

To do this, do not do any cosmic transformations in the room. Of course, it all depends on the tasks. As for this room: above us is the corridor of the office center, in which people sit and work. They do not even suspect what is happening here now.

We are quite quiet now behaving, but literally 15 minutes ago, the demo of the film “Everest” played here. Thunder, lightning, people, wind, snow - a storm on top. From the "other side" no one heard that.

Here is a room inside the room. The “inner” ceiling that is here does not touch the ceiling above it. This is such a "sandwich". And we are inside this sandwich as cutlets

Even when some kind of demonstration takes place here, in the next room we can absolutely quietly listen to other speakers without interfering with each other. We must, probably, just show how thick the door is there, since we are shooting a video [ app. - the moment with the door is in the short video - it is located a little higher ].

Dmitry: You can draw an analogy with American films in which they "spin off" [approx. - open] the thick doors of a bank safe. The door, of course, is not metal, it consists of several layers of sound insulation.

Timofey: From the outside, it looks like an absolutely ordinary door. To open it, do not use any additional drives. She opens her hand completely calmly.

Dmitry: All this was specially selected and arranged so that each element was combined with all the others. I appreciated the sound and the screen, I also managed to adjust the chairs - they have quite an intuitive control. I saw a slightly more complicated option in very expensive cinemas, for example, in the “Moscow” cinema [ca. - m. Okhotny Ryad].

Timofey: This is an individual question. Unfortunately, in most cinemas, even in VIP rooms, there are compromises in sound and image. The really enthusiastic people for whom we are making this showroom understand that you can get much more pleasure from the cinema.

I'm not saying now that there may be comfortable or uncomfortable chairs, neighbors chewing popcorn. Much depends on the screen, much depends on the sound.

Professional speaker systems are designed to create high sound pressure. The acoustics installed in this room are very different from both typical professional acoustics and Hi-Fi acoustics. Still, this is our development.

Wall Acoustics ICE S6.1:

This is the ICE brand , which in Germany is sold under the Ceratec brand. He is already quite famous throughout the world . On the one hand, this is a Hi-Fi approach to sound, and on the other, it is a professional approach and Hi-Fi sound. It turned out such a rather atypical hybrid.

We really get the whole range of sound, all the emotions, all the impressions without “tightness”, “bulging” bass, “buzzing”. We feel a clear localization.

Now the directors and the team, it’s hard to say who, to a greater extent, want to pay much attention to the sound. Surround sound, which, unfortunately, is often neglected, gives additional emotions from viewing.

When we watched a fragment from the film “Everest”, we were involved in these events. Even if you watched this movie before, now you look at it in a completely new way.

These emotions are given, first of all, by sound. It is understood that a good screen, a projector, it is clear that 4K. But without sound, all this is devoid of the emotions that the film can give.

No wonder there are all these modern formats: Dolby Atmos and Auro-3D . It really gives a lot beyond what can be obtained, say, in an ordinary cinema or at home, even with decent, but not exactly sharpened for surround sound, equipment.

Dmitry: A very interesting element that I liked is the visual selection of the location of the columns. Under dim light, you can see the highlighted columns.

Author's review of our cinema

Timofey: In such cinemas there is no point in showing the columns “physically”. They are hidden behind the "sound-transparent" panels. Here a sound-transparent fabric is used - there are no speakers visible, but there are really a lot of them here: 9 acoustic systems, 4 subwoofers, 6 speakers in the ceiling. We make so many columns in accordance with the Dolby Atmos standard in order to get a full range of impressions, a complete sense of localization of an object in space.

Modern films are already in this format. The sound is recorded in such a way that we can clearly understand which side it is coming from. Dynamic scenes allow you to understand it, and subwoofers - to feel it.

Dmitry: What do the first visitors who saw all this say, heard and felt in your own exhibition at Drum. Two cinema halls participated in the show: this one and the second one, which is styled not as a cinema theater, but as a minimalistic design of an ordinary dwelling (apartment). Plus the classic showroom, which was originally located here.

Timofey: I will tell about the second hall later. He stands a separate story. As for impressions, they are different. Some people say nothing at first, sit with “open mouths”.

Dmitry: This is how a whole bunch of nuances work. I want to consider everything and understand how it is done.

Timofey: For some, emotions simply “capture” the brain, and they cannot express it in words. Many have not imagined that the cinema can be like that, and the emotions from the movie can be like that. There are people who simply stopped attending cinemas, because they do not give them so much pleasure. It all comes down to simple things.

Why do we go to the cinema? We want to get some kind of emotion. As a rule, positive. We want to have fun. We pay for it. When the film is not bad, but we did not get what we wanted, disappointment arises.

Dmitry: There is a problem here - the cinema equipment is different.

Timofey: Even in different halls of the same cinema. It would seem that everything should be the same within the same institution. Unfortunately, not everyone pays enough attention to sound tuning. I was several times in the cinema, where just the sound balance was built wrong, and the whole sound picture "moved out." The sound seems to be there, and everything seems to be normal, but there is no impression.

Of course, this is the most offensive. The main thing to do, who to say? Ticket? She won't understand what I'm talking about. What is the point?

Dmitry: No one will sit down to reconfigure something suddenly in the middle of the day.

Timofey: Of course, nobody needs anything, unfortunately. This “nobody needs anything” very often crawls out in different places.

Dmitry: Well, yes, you can get a fully closed home ecosystem and do everything you want, and improve as you need.

Timofey: Yes. Therefore, the impressions will be different. At the exhibition, people brought their Blue-ray and asked to deliver. No problem, we set. There were people who wanted to compare their home theaters, already seriously equipped and equipped to a sufficient degree. They tried to determine whether to carry out upgrades, whether to change the projector.

It's one thing to change a couple of columns, especially since we have trade-in . Another thing - to change a large amount of equipment: a processor and a projector. The transition to 4K is not very fast, but there is a certain demand. Appeared content. Once the content has appeared, you have to look at it at something.

Even if there is already a beautiful screen and a wonderful projector, but it does not know how to show 4K, it means you need to think about it. Here people came and compared. Opinions are different.

Everything, of course, depends on the content. Content so far, in my opinion, is not always down. Units of examples that truly give what one can get from equipment.

I think now quite a bit of time will pass, and the process will go. As for our second new hall: this is a room with “invisible” acoustics, as we call it.

At the moment when it is installed, it is still "visible." But when the installation is finished, the acoustics are no longer visible. These are very flat columns that are built into walls, plastered and painted. It turns out an absolutely empty room, in which there is absolutely nothing. We set up the furniture for the entourage, hung up the TV.

Dmitry: Is it actually a room of an ordinary apartment, fully equipped for a cinema hall?

Timofey: Yes. This is a common living space. By the way, several visitors, without saying a word, said that this is an ideal option for a nursery. There is nothing that can be damaged.

No wires. Speakers in which you can stick your finger or a toy, no.

The room meets the standards of 3D-sound - you can fully feel the volume.

Dmitry: Is acoustics itself Ceratec?

Timofey: Yes, Ceratec Cerasonar .

That acoustics, about which we have previously told. The only thing that appeared was several new models: more budget and, conversely, serious models.

There is complete freedom of action. You can install any kit at home. It is not necessary to make a cinema, as we did. It may be just a pair of speakers.

Maybe a big room. For example, a showroom where customers are received. Business theme is even more in demand. For example, the showroom, which show some design "stuff". "Visible" speakers may distract attention, but some background sound is necessary.

Previously used either mounted speakers on the ceiling, or somewhere in the corner was a music center. Now we just build in the walls of this acoustics, it becomes invisible, you can control from a smartphone or tablet, which can be mounted on the wall or somewhere to lie.

The times of the 80s, when everyone was proud of their equipment, speakers, when the music system had to be placed in the center of the room, are long gone. Now all the equipment is put in the rack, and the rack - in the back room. There are questions about the need for ventilation, air access, cooling. But, as a rule, modern racks solve these problems. The main thing is to have where to put it. Wires, of course, "hide" in the wall.

It turns out the space in which music sounds "from everywhere and from nowhere." I repeat: this is not the sound of some super high end with all the details and nuances. This is a full-fledged hi-fi sound that will allow you to listen to music in comfort and have fun.

For the movie - this is a very good option. Cartoons, children - really very good use of such acoustics, even in a small room. You can put any number of these elements, the language does not turn to call them columns. These are rectangular plates of different sizes, which after installation will be already “inside” the walls.

Dmitry: Very interesting. I remember that Kerim and I discussed that both cinemas were built for several months. Substantial work has been done: individual design, preparation, materials - everything is very serious and with attention to detail.

Timofey: As for the room with invisible acoustics, everything is quite simple there. There is no particular need for design. All built at the same time, so it happened. Installation of Cerasonar panels is quite simple. We have a video on our site.

This is how Cerasonar systems are installed:

This is how to put drywall panels, fix them and cover them with plaster. It is only necessary to hold the wires correctly, but the decoration in the room has not yet been completed, it does not cause any difficulties. You do not need to be an expert in this matter, you do not need to hire an installer either.

As for the cinema [ approx. - with which we started the story ], there were many nuances here. First of all, these nuances are connected precisely with the fact that the room must be completely isolated from the external space. A serious project was made here, it was necessary to pick up materials. As a rule, such halls cannot be made quickly.

This is a serious job for several months. Even if all the equipment used here is in stock, the project itself and its result really depends on how you approach this issue. Here a great help was rendered to us by a company that is engaged in designing such halls. We do not do these things, this is not our profile.

This is a joint project. Without experts, such a room, perhaps, will not work.

Dmitry: Now the cinema is open and accessible, like the big showroom ?

Timofey: Yes, of course. You can sign up for an audition and a “browsing”.

The only thing is that this must be done in advance, because the premises may be occupied by another client. You can bring your drive, you can not bring. You can ask to include this or that movie. We have several demo discs.

No obligation to buy something . There are people who have a certain fear that in our showroom "at the exit" they will ask for some money. In no case.

As I said, the behavior model and consumption model of both equipment and content are now changing. Therefore, we are open. And with great pleasure we take even those visitors who are not going to buy anything like that in the near future.

We are ready for a demonstration, because, unfortunately, otherwise it is impossible to convey it.

Major media outlets are now focused on politics, talking completely about other things.

There are media outlets that would talk about modern technologies, but, as a rule, they are all “hard-nosed” on smartphones and everything connected with it. Everything else somehow fell out of the information field. Although much of this is actually our life.

We want to get positive emotions from what we like. For example, from listening to music. We live in order to rejoice our soul. And, first of all, it is necessary to receive such emotions, in my opinion. Otherwise, it is simply not clear how to live.

Such an approach makes it possible to start looking at the world in a completely different way. Therefore, we are happy to accept anyone who wants to see what modern technologies are now in music and in movies. Despite the fact that it would seem that there are no "visible" changes since the 70s. Good old "black speakers" with speakers ...

Dmitry: The same projector, the same screen ...

Timofey: Yes. But ... In this case, "but" a lot. It's not even so much in the materials that have appeared. Due to which it became possible to produce something completely different, and make another sound. There are people who have not heard anything modern, and believe that Soviet-made speakers are the best. Yes, if you close the bunker for several years and listen to only one speaker, only they will be the best simply because you have not listened to anything else.

Dmitry: Of course.

Timofey: Computer technologies and their “cheapening” make it possible to process video and sound on a completely different level. It is no longer a secret that in modern cinemas audio processors are used - special devices that deal only with sound processing. This is not an amplifier or decoder. This device receives a digital stream at the input, and then very serious sound processing takes place.

In this room, not just the speakers are connected to the amplifier, but the amplifier is connected to the source. No way.

Each channel, each speaker sounds after special processing by the processor. The sound is tuned “according to the location” of the viewer's location. If you move to the other end of the hall, everything will be a little different.

This is really quite a serious process. Unlike the neighboring hall, where there are invisible speakers, it is of great importance how everything is done, by whom it is done, whether it is properly configured or not.

Just buying expensive equipment, unfortunately, does not guarantee results. It requires the attention of a specialist who will set everything up. For such cinema halls it is important.

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