How 64 Audio prints earphones for musicians

What is it

The American company " 64-audio " develops and produces professional ear monitors designed for musicians , DJs, sound producers and audiophiles. The products of the “ A ” line are made taking into account the anatomical features of the customer's ears, similarly to individual cases of intra-ear and intra-channel hearing aids.

As is usually done

The classical production technology of the individual case looks as follows:

1. Perform an impression of the auricle and ear canal.
2. Machining the cast.
3. Immersion of the impression in wax to smooth out irregularities.
4. Making silicone molds.
5. Casting from photopolymer, flare.
6. Casting processing, housing assembly, installation of electronics.

The advantages of the approach include the lack of need for expensive equipment. Disadvantages - loss of detail, complete repetition of the process for the manufacture of a new body.

How it does “64-audio”

Another approach to creating individual cases of hearing aids, developed in the technology of manufacturing ear monitors, also involves making an impression. But the next steps differ radically.

1. Perform an impression of the auricle and ear canal.
2. 3D scan of the cast.
3. Digital processing.
4. Simulation of the monitor case.
5. 3D-print body.
6. Processing, installation of electronics.


In the case of ear monitors, the technology provides the possibility of forming at the stage of a 3D model of the internal structure of the channels connecting several sound sources. In the older 64-audio models, their number reaches eighteen. Benefits are not limited to manufacturability. The customer further acquires ear monitors with other characteristics, or promptly replaces the failed ones, without the need to create and send the manufacturer new ones.


64-audio company does not disclose technical details of the production. In the video company, dedicated technology 3D-Fit, featured software Danish developer 3Shape . This company offers comprehensive solutions for dentistry, implantology and hearing prosthetics. On the market are specialized scanners and other manufacturers.

SmartOptics mono Scan

- scan time: 60 s;
- the number of products in the scanning procedure: 1;
- scan resolution: adjustable;
- data output format: STL, ASCII, MSH.
- price: 304,850 rubles.

To scan two impressions in one pass, Smart Optics offers the duo Scan 3D scanner.

3D Systems ProJet 6000 HD

- technology: SLA;
- size of the construction area: 250x250x250 mm;
- layer thickness: from 50 microns;
- price: 21 979 140 rub.

A transparent acrylic-like polymer is used to make an individual case. An example of equipment suitable for solving the problem is 3D Systems ProJet 6000 HD in combination with photopolymer VisiJet SL Clear.

VisiJet SL Clear

- intended for the manufacture of prototypes and finished products with high requirements for transparency;
- suitable for the manufacture of medical products.
- tensile strength (mPa): 52;
- Flexural Strength (MPa): 83;
- density at 25 ° (TV), g / cm³: 1.17;
- deformation temperature during heating (° C): 51;
- volume: 2 l;
- price: 58,926 rubles.

For the organization of a small production of individual buildings there is more affordable equipment.

Shining 3D EinScan-SE

- accuracy, micron: 100;
- number of cameras: 2;
- camera resolution, MP: 1.3;
- data output format: OBJ, STL, ASC, PLY;
- price: 79,020 rubles.

RangeVision Smart + turntable

- scan time, s: 12;
- accuracy, micron: 200;
- camera resolution, MP: 1.3;
- price: 184,000 rubles.

Rotary table included, which simplifies the process of scanning small items.

Formlabs Form 2

- technology: SLA;
- size of construction area: 145 x 145 x 175 mm;
- layer thickness: from 25 microns;
- price: 335,000 rubles.

Compact, relatively inexpensive and most popular stereolithographic 3D printer. Successfully used by dentists and jewelers. Its characteristics are abundant enough for the production of ear monitors.

Formlabs Dental LT Clear

- modulus of elasticity: 2.5 GPa;
- Young's modulus: 2.7 GPa;
- bending strength: 95.8 MPa;
- tensile strength: 61 MPa;
- elongation at break: 5%.

The material is designed for printing aligners - dental caps for correcting the bite. By virtue of its strength and biocompatibility, ideal for creating ear monitors.


The 64-audio technology of 3D-Fit allows us to take into account the anatomical features of the ears and ear canals of the customer, and this is a guarantee of comfort during long-term use of equipment. The manufacture of individual enclosures is an important focus in the hearing prosthetics industry, and 64-audio demonstrates the possibility of using medical technology in the professional and entertainment segment.


The cost of 64-audio products ranges from $ 399 to $ 2,999. California-based Ultimate Ears company manufactures individual ear monitors, the price is from 399 to 1999 dollars.

Hong Kong's Rhapsodio offers solutions that cost between $ 650 and $ 1,550.

Individual enthusiasts independently make individual ear monitors. The budget consists of the cost of the audiologist's services and the price of the installed electronics.

DIYearphone offers a do- it- yourself kit for $ 179. The customer makes and sends the company copies, and the DIYearphone prepares 3D printed cases. It remains to purchase and install electronics.


Creating an individual product for the needs of the customer is a typical task for a combination of 3D scanning and printing. The 64-audio company used medical technology, complementing it with developments in the field of acoustics and electronics. The result of the work was the ear monitors of the upper price segment used by Seal, Beyonce, Dragonforce and a number of other musicians, vocalists and sound engineers.

For whom

If you work with sound, or you need a solution for listening to music in high quality, then, if you have sufficient budget, you can use the services of 64-audio company and get compact monitors made directly under your ears.

Order the production of individual products of unique shape in the Top 3D Shop. You can describe the task and find out the estimated cost by e-mail .

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