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For some, “Smart Home” is something abstract from films when a super-hero-misanthrope meets a pleasant female voice, opens the doors and talks on various topics. For me, this is primarily convenience and stability. And the most important thing: not only the child, but even the grandmother will be able to figure out how it works.

To begin with, the smart home kit includes a controller, a window / door opening sensor, a motion sensor, and a control panel. All communication is wireless, so it doesn’t need to disrupt fresh repairs to run wires. The connection between the blocks is conducted at a frequency of 868 MHz, which is free and not noisy with various key fobs and signal signals, most of which operate at 433 MHz.

Block smart home Ezviz A1 looks stylish and made and durable glossy plastic. This is not a shame and put in a prominent place. But we must remember that he "talks" and requires food. The benefit of the adapter is included, and the connector is a standard microUSB.

There is also a multi-function button for activating sensor connection modes or connecting to a Wi-Fi network. I will tell about it later.

The Ezviz T1 motion sensor, which is included in the kit, can be attached to any surface. The kit includes a mounting bracket and a small set of dowels with screws. That is, even a housewife will cope in two minutes. What is good is the sensitivity of the device: the motion sensor will not respond to small pets weighing up to 25 kg and they can safely walk around the apartment without causing false alarms. But if you have a couple of rottweilers at home, then they themselves will respond no worse than the alarm. The motion sensor is also wireless and powered by a CR123A battery. In this case, the battery will last for a couple of years, and in order not to remain without a working sensor, when the battery starts to sit down, the controller will send a message to the smartphone about the need to change the battery. The area of ​​coverage is 12x12 meters, and the angle of view of the sensor is 100 degrees.

The opening sensor Ezviz T6 is particularly interesting. Unlike reed sensors, where the two parts of the device are mounted in close proximity to each other, this sensor is based on an accelerometer. And as soon as the position in space changes at an angle of more than 3 degrees, the sensor sends a signal to the controller. Interestingly, the sensor can be mounted on any surface and do not have to drill windows / doors - it is quite light and is mounted on double-sided tape. The built-in battery charges from any charge with microUSB output, and one charge lasts for up to 5 months.

The control panel is equipped with 5 buttons, 4 of which change modes, and the fifth alarm button. When it is pressed, the alert system is triggered even when the sound is turned off. Such a key fob is well managed, coming to the house or leaving it. It is also wireless and does not need to be in direct line of sight with the controller. The same functions are duplicated by the application on the smartphone, so you can always choose a simpler way.

In addition to the standard kit, you can buy a lot of different sensors and connect them to the controller of a smart home in the amount of 32 pieces. That is, you can connect with a dozen motion sensors, hang up opening sensors on all windows and entrance doors and the house will be under the invisible guard. But that's not all.

Separately sold leak sensor and siren.

Siren Ezviz T9 is made a separate unit and has a permanent connection to the power adapter, as well as the controller. This was done not by accident - it makes really serious noise: 85 decibels at a distance of up to 3 meters. That is, even in the next apartment you will hear such a sound. In addition to this, the red ring on the case flashes during the danger.

The leak sensor Ezviz T10 looks very futuristic, although it works extremely simple, and therefore reliable. Such a unit is placed in an area where water may leak: in the bathroom, in the bathroom or in the kitchen, under the sink. Do not forget that the device should be placed at the lowest point, if the floors have a slight slope.

The principle of operation is simple: at the lowest point there are three contacts, two of which reach to the floor, and the third is height adjustable. As soon as the two contacts (the regulating bolt + one of the 2 remaining ones) are in the water, the sensor gives a signal of flooding and the controller notifies the host with voice and a push message on the smartphone.

The sensor operates on one CR123A battery for up to 2 years, and when the battery starts to sit down, the controller will also notify the owner about the need to change the battery. The battery itself is under the sealing cap. The photo also shows a third contact height adjustable.

How it works?

It's time to experience a set of smart home in action. I got all the sensors available on the market (it is rumored that the number of available sensors and connected devices will soon increase), and specifically: a controller, an opening sensor, a motion sensor, a leak sensor, and a siren. Laid it all on the table and began to connect.

First of all, download and install the Ezviz application on your smartphone. (version for iOS or for Android ). We start and register an account. The second action is to add the central controller, simply by scanning the QR code on the controller's tum. Add a password to our Wi-Fi network and that's it: you can start managing your smart home.

The next stage is the connection of external sensors. There are two ways: using a smartphone or from the controller itself. The first method is as simple as possible: press "+" in the application and scan the QR codes of all sensors in turn. The second method is even simpler: once we press the service button on the controller case and alternately press the buttons on the connected sensors, following the voice prompts of the controller. What is nice is that the controller communicates with the owner in a pleasant female voice.

So, we added all the sensors and now we see such a menu.

At the top, we see the modes of operation of the controller and they switch both from the radio control and from the application.

Depending on the mode of operation, certain sensors can be activated or deactivated. For example, the water leakage sensor is activated regardless of the mode of operation, but the motion sensor turns off when you come home.

And the operation modes of each sensor are configured separately. That is, you can activate the door opening sensor \ window in sleep mode, when exactly no one should open the door, but the motion sensor will be disabled if you suddenly wanted to go to the refrigerator at night.

It is especially pleasant that when entering the home absence mode, the controller notifies with a voice that the mode will be activated after 30 seconds and there is time to quietly leave and close the door.

When several identical sensors are used, for ease of understanding where a sensor is installed, you can rename them and indicate the location.

Well, one of the most useful functions is the organization of communication between sensors and cameras. That is, it is possible not only to fix the penetration into the protected territory, but also to remove the violators to the Ezviz camera. To do this, just go to the properties of the sensor and bind the camera from the list.

After that, you can, for example, find out who climbs into the refrigerator at night.

The same can be done with all sensors and cameras. For example, in the case of a flood, you can look at the camera in the corridor and see if you flooded your neighbors or flooding was limited to a bathroom, where the floor is airtight and with a small threshold, as it should be.

As for the radius of the sensors, the declared distance is up to 100 meters. In reality, reinforced concrete floors overlap the signal well, so it is recommended to place the controller in the center of a house or apartment, and install the sensors in the right places. And after installation, conduct a test test.


Separately, I want to talk about the voice menu and work with the assistant. When you click on the settings button, a very pleasant voice of the girl announces the start of work and calls for the next action. Being very far from technology and even without a smartphone, it is very easy to integrate the smart home system on your own. Well, in the case of penetration, flooding or movement in the zone of visibility, the same girl will persistently notify the household until the shutdown button on the keychain or controller A1 itself is pressed.


Ezviz smart home is a complete centralized security management system based on cloud technologies. In this set, integration with the rest of Ezviz products is thought out to the smallest detail. Not only can sensors be added and renamed as convenient, you can also connect cameras of a video surveillance system that could be mounted before. Add to this the interconnection of specific sensors with certain cameras.

Different modes of operation allow you to set certain scenarios in which the selected security zones will work.

I really liked the opportunity to choose the type of alert: intense, soft or silent.
In the first case, the siren will work and the controller itself will cycle around the event in a pleasant female voice. In the second, the controller only squeals. Well, in the third, neither the siren, nor the controller will not show that something happened and only a notification will be sent to the smartphone and you can begin to react without warning the offenders about what is known about their penetration.

So, the Ezviz kit is a way to quickly and effortlessly deploy an affordable security system without studying the deep technical details of the work of various systems. Such a set can be presented to parents, put in the country or in their own apartment, if you do not want to redo all the electrics and make walls. The ideology of such a system is simple: just notify the owner, and he will decide what to do next. And with this task, this system copes with five plus.

The smart home system is already available for sale and is easy to buy at the official EZVIZ online store .


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