Atari confirmed its intention to release a modern incarnation of its console

New is well forgotten old. Many agree with this, in particular - game lovers. The fact is that a large number of modern titles are old-fashioned old games, which have been added with a few graphics, a bit of levels and released “into people”. If we talk about the gaming field, the game consoles are updated in a similar way. For example, Nintendo, which recently introduced the Nintendo Switch hi-tech console, last year launched the sale of the updated NES console, naming it NES Mini Classic .

Its size was reduced, they added HDMI, modified the connectors for the controllers, making them Wii-compatible and added a software and hardware emulator of their old games. Yes, the company did not bother, releasing the ports of retro-titles, and used the emulator. This console was so popular that now it is simply not available. Looking at all this, other manufacturers, including Atari, also thought about the release of incarnations of their consoles.

The head of the company, Fred Ceznais, previously stated that, perhaps, Atari will present its own console. The other day, he confirmed it, moreover, the company showed the design of the updated console. Even two types of design, since two Ataribox consoles are planned for release. The first version has inserts under the tree, with reference to the original prefix 2600. The second version is quite modern in appearance. It has a black case, a red logo on the front panel and a red "rear".

Most likely, Atari plans to monetize the attachment of old school gamers to their games. After all, Nintendo managed this very well, which shipped and was able to sell more than 2 million of its consoles with games such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.

Unfortunately, the company does not disclose more details regarding its consoles. So far, the management claims that it wants to do everything in the best possible way, so the information will come in portions, as plans are implemented for the release of the console itself. So Atari recommends attentively listening to the news, which is published in various resources of the company.

By the way, the affairs of the game world legend were not the best way before. In 2013, Atari even filed for bankruptcy, but its current leader promised to make her famous again. Now she has reached a profitable level, so there will probably not be a return to bankruptcy soon. Part of the financial flow is due to the launch of the release of mobile games under the Atari brand. The company began to give permission to use its brand to many partners. As an interesting example, we can mention the right to use the brand in the upcoming film Blade Runner 2049 .

Rumors that Atari conceived the release of "new old" consoles appeared even during the E3. According to the company's management, the project team received so many positive reviews that the release of the new console was a foregone conclusion. “Our goal is to create a new product that is directly related to our heritage and is intended for Atari fans of all ages,” said a company spokesman.

He also added that in developing the design of the console, the company tried to keep all the previous elements, but to create something new. So, it uses wood, ribbed lines, slightly enlarged back of the console. The front panel will be inlaid with wood or glass, there will be a red logo, which can gently change the brightness during the game. In addition to the design, new connectors and ports will be added, including HDMI, a memory card slot, 4 USB. It is clear that the "stuffing" of the console will be quite modern. As for game content, these will be both old games and new ones.

But, as mentioned above, the company does not yet provide information on the possible cost of its set-top box, which particular game titles will be released. Nothing is said about the actual system configuration. “We know that you want more information, including characteristics, games, time to market and cost,” said a company spokesman. But, unfortunately, the project is still being implemented, and interest in it will be fueled, in part, with the help of a lack of information.

The latest console, which released Atari, was the Atari Jaguar . This console was positioned as the first 64-bit at a time when all game consoles were 32-bit. Unfortunately, this did not help the company, it was not possible to make money. Atari sold only a few hundred thousand consoles, and that ended the sale.


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