Team Media Player Classic announced the possible death of the project

From translator

I have been using Media Player Classic for a long time and consider it a very convenient and functional player. The other day I was surprised to find in the news a note that the project is completing its life cycle. Under the cut - translation of a short note from the official blog Media Player Classic.

v1.7.13 is the most current and possibly the latest version of our project.

The last few months (or even years) the number of active developers has steadily decreased and finally reached zero. This sad fact means that the project has officially died and this version of MPC-HC will be the last ...

... unless there are people ready to take empty seats.

So if you have C / C ++ programming experience and you want to contribute to this project - contact me via IRC or email.

If no one responds - do not worry. Everything comes to an end and life goes on. It was a fascinating journey, and the fact that I am writing this post means a lot to me.

MPC-HC is a project with an eleven-year history. Thanks to all who have contributed to its development all these years.

Remember that our official builds (both stable and beta) are digitally signed . Be careful of fakes and download files only from our site!

You can report any bugs found, as well as your suggestions and wishes, through our Trac bug tracker. Do not try to use for this social networks or any other channels - it is useless, since our developers only monitor the bug tracker.

You can download the new version here , and here - read the full list of changes.


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