Motorola Moto C Plus Review - Bright New

Hello friends! Today we talk about the bright Moto C Plus smartphone. The design of the novelty is made in a recognizable Moto style, thanks to the rounded shapes and the name, C Plus can be compared with another, simple and very popular Moto phone - C350.

At the same time, the cost of Moto C Plus is affordable, about 8,000 rubles in Moscow stores. The price tag is small, which means that the competition at the phone will be huge, which in turn obliges the new product to be interesting and attractive.

Packing friendly blue with two ice cream. The design is simple, but not flashy: after all, the C Plus is considered a classic workhorse, not a flagship model.

All smartphones from the C Plus series received the same bright colors: golden, cherry metallic and, of course, black. The latter option is perfect for lovers of the classics.

The delivery is very simple: cable, charging (2 amps - and you can charge the tablets) and headphones. The latter turned out to be quite good - even in spite of the fact that these are not fashionable “gags”, the sound quality was pleasant for them for the price category of the smartphone. And the remote control with a microphone will never be superfluous. In short, the C Plus box contains all the essentials, but without excesses or unnecessary restrictions. Despite the fact that C Plus is a budget solution, there will not be a single cable in the box with it.

Telefonchik was a very interesting color - gold. Welcome to the world of luxury and glamor :) In fact, the color, though golden, does not look good. A model of this color may well suit both a girl and a young man. Well, for those who want something quieter, a black model is available.

On the front side there are no hardware buttons: only the touch. This is the usual set of three standard smartphone keys with Android on board. Often, devices of a similar level control is implemented using virtual, on-screen buttons. Well, here - all grown-up.

Of course, most of the front side takes a large display with a diagonal of 5 inches. The resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels. Given the segment in which C Plus is aiming, this is more than enough. If you deviate from the technical characteristics and create a simple user opinion, then we can safely say that there will be no discomfort when using the screen. The picture will be juicy, without an unpleasant "grain". The display is bright enough, it doesn’t shine very much, it stably responds to touch and does not go blind in the sun. If desired, you can watch a short video from YouTube, and even an entire movie.

A camera, a flash, and, of course, a speaker have settled above the display. The front camera is interesting: 2Mp resolution, LED flash and HDR. Perhaps, there is not enough autofocus, but this is another price category.

The reverse side of the device is also golden. The cover is plastic, easy to remove. At the bottom is the speaker. By the way, very loud.

Now about the main camera. Here, of course, all the more interesting than the front. Resolution has increased more 8Mr, appeared autofocus and LED flash. If the owner wishes, the camera will be able to take panoramic pictures, and it is not bad to glue them. As for the video, it is more likely for a tick here. The maximum recording resolution will be 1280 x 720 at 30 frames per second. This is more likely for rare fun: video greetings and so, Yutuba cat shoot.

Despite the touch control, the smartphone’s mechanical buttons are still there: volume control and on / off. These buttons are on the right side - you can easily reach them with your right thumb. The left side is devoid of government.

Now let's open the phone. Under the cover there was a removable battery, a slot for a microSD memory card and two slots for SIM cards. According to official specifications, the maximum amount of supported cards is 32 GB. Probably, C Plus also recognizes cards of larger volume. Removable battery capacity is another nice part of the Moto C Plus. If over time you need to replace it, then this will not be a problem. The procedure will take less than a minute, and you will not have to carry the smartphone to the service.

Now about sim cards. Moto C Plus can work with two SIM cards at the same time, but the 3G / 4G mode is supported by only one slot. This is standard practice for dual sim devices. Therefore, installing a SIM card with the Internet - make no mistake with the connector.

The battery, by the way, is very good - 4000 mAh. And it is right. This is not a top-end fashionable smartphone with a bunch of features and the need for a cool and subtle design. Here it is better to add a couple of millimeters to the thickness, but to make the smartphone work more than a day from a single charge. The thickness of the Moto C Plus, by the way, is exactly 1 cm (10 mm), which is not so much.


The smartphone is running the latest operating system Android 7.0. The whole thing is spinning on the capacities of the MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor, which replaced the MT6735. SoC is produced according to the standards of the 28-nm process and carries 4 cores of Cortex-A53, operating at a frequency of 1300 MHz. In the role of the graphics processor serves ARM Mali-T720 MP2.

The amount of RAM is 1 gigabyte, and a constant - 16 GB. It expands with a microSD memory card. But the support of cellular networks in Moto C Plus pleased. The smartphone supports 4G LTE Cat4 networks (channels 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 38, 40), as well as Bluetooth 4.2, (A2DP, LE) and Wi-Fi. The latter can easily catch the signal from the access point even through two reinforced concrete walls. Verified

The interface of Moto C Plus is the best possible - pure Andoird. No decorations will not slow down the system. Well, if the user wants to bring beauty, then at his service the Play.Market shop with a huge selection of various shells, including free ones. What is called, for every taste and color.

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Photo examples

The camera can make very good pictures. Of course, for this you need the sun or a lot of light, but she still knows how. True, there is one nuance. The camera is very sensitive to light. Those. you need to choose a good source of light, otherwise the photo will be faded. Despite this, for a smartphone for 8000 rubles, this is a very decent quality of images. Even such complex objects as nature, which turns out to be very detailed, come out quite well - the leaves and grass do not turn into a solid green mess.

Overall impression of Moto C Plus

Moto C Plus turned out to be the very workhorse that doesn’t have enough stars from the sky, but it does an excellent job with its main tasks. Moto C Plus has support for 4G networks and the ability to install two SIM cards, a 5-inch screen and a quad-core processor. For the usual work of such a set is more than enough.

Of course, Moto C Plus is not a flagship at all, but it costs 4 - 5 times cheaper. At the same time, the smartphone received a thin case for devices of its class (1 cm thick), a bright screen that does not go blind in the sun, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, as well as a removable battery of 4,000 mAh. And as a result: long battery life. And what else is required from a reliable budget smartphone?


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