Sony is trying to remove from the network any references to the leaked official SDK for the PlayStation 4

Large companies protect their financial interests intellectual property, like no other. The Japanese corporation Sony, which is day and night waking up, is especially good at this, so that no one can break the protection of its PlayStation console. PS3 was finally able to hack, but it took years, PS Vita was hacked, but this only applies to devices with firmware below version 3.60. But with the PS4 in this regard, the problem.

The fact is that the PlayStation 4 Software Development Kit (PS4 SDK) developer kit has leaked to the Web. With his help, a professional in his field, in theory, could crack the protection of the console without any problems. But the corporation does not want its relatively new console to suddenly “learn” to launch pirated copies of games. And now it has become quite real. That is why the corporation is trying to do everything possible and impossible, just to eliminate the leak.

It turned out to happen a couple of weeks ago, when the version 4.75 of the PlayStation 4 Software Development Kit fell into the hands of hackers. A list of what went on the Web can be seen by following the link to the cached page (in general, it is no longer available).

The most interesting thing is that if you click on the link to the SDK that leads to the MEGA file sharing service, a message appears about the inaccessibility of the file.

It turns out that, if desired, it is possible to delete a file that does not suit one or another company from the MEGA file hosting service. It is possible that Keith Dotcom, the owner of MEGA, being under investigation, nevertheless decided to cooperate with copyright holders and law enforcement officers. Anyway, the pages mentioning the PS4 SDK files also deleted sites such as GBATemp and PSXhax . There is still a discussion thread on Reddit, although there are not so many messages in it.

The “author” of the leak (his nickname KromeMods), seeing how quickly Sony is acting, asks its colleagues and regular users to distribute information as widely as possible about the leak itself, as well as links to SDK files. He also said that he was going to remove the notorious links from his Twitter so that the administration would not block it.

About how active the Japanese corporation, when affected its interests, said the owner of the site PlayStationHax. He published copies of Sony’s requirements for deletion of information with reference to a leak. The most interesting thing is that in his post, which they demanded to remove, there were not only direct links to files, but even references to other resources where such links were published. The corporation, demanding the removal of such materials, is covered by copyright law. “Personally, I don’t understand how I violated copyright, all I did was post a text entry with screenshots, I didn’t use links that would allow users to download it (SDK, - Ed.),” Said creator of PlayStationHax. At the same time, publishing the information, he indicated that the files themselves are distributed illegally, and for this reason he did not publish links to them. But Sony demanded to remove even this entry.

Another site about consoles, Wololo, published details of exactly what Sony is asking to remove. The administration of this resource was presented to the companies by demanding that the entries be deleted with reference to the open source version of the PS4 SDK and version SDK 4.5. It is worth noting that there is also an unofficial version of the SDK, created by the hacker Cturt. It is available on Github . So, Sony asks (or rather, demands) "to immediately remove or block access to materials that violate copyright law, and also to prevent the possibility that users will be able to use this information in the future."

As far as can be judged, in many moments Sony interprets copyright law too voluntarily, believing that it can be used to remove information from the Web that, in fact, does not violate any rights. Well, the requirement to remove this information from the Sony Network only attracts unnecessary attention to itself and the problem itself. The effect of this kind was called the Streisand Effect and is expressed in the fact that an attempt to delete any data from the Internet only leads to more rapid dissemination of this data.


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