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Polar for this season “updated”, or more correctly, replaced the heart rate monitor legend H7 with a more advanced model, but the summer was rainy, “unsportsmanlike”, and therefore many would not pay attention to it until next season. If we did not extend the subscription to GeekTimes.

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The fact that H10 is coming has become known in January, but it reached Russia much later, in any case, we were warned that H7 was withdrawn from circulation only a month ago.

Changed form

The new chest heart rate monitor has an oval shape. This is not to say that this has a significant effect on something: it is just a fact.

Perhaps this simplified the solution to the problem of sealing the device: the new H10 is suitable for training in the pool - the stated “water tightness” is up to 30 m.

For such workouts, where it is impossible to carry a smartphone with you, we also provided the built-in memory for 1 workout: running / swimming, synchronizing to a new circle.

Changed the strap

First, anti-slip silicone dots were added. Indeed, some of the claims to the chest were that they slide, rub, slide ...

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Now such claims should be less. This is especially important just for swimming - now the chest heart rate monitor should not slide off. Also added additional electrodes.

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This improves accuracy. Breast sensors "Polar" and so are considered the most accurate in its class: in the new version, the manufacturer promises "ultra-accuracy" due to additional assignments that allow "weed out" any external interference.

Also slightly changed clasp. Now she is:

The remaining parts remained unchanged: for convenience and to ensure that when breathing the sensor does not fly off, the fastenings are made at a certain elevation:

And the tape itself is offered in several sizes: they are indicated from the end of the package.

The belt is quite universal: other sensors can be connected to it - in the photo with Lifetrak.

Sync and application

The Polar H10 can be synchronized with proprietary applications, sports applications, exercise equipment, Polar watches and GoPro cameras.

The manufacturer recommends using the Polar Beat software: the most important thing here is perhaps the ability to choose activity. Also, depending on the operating system of your smartphone, the application will offer to send data to GoogleFit or AppleHealth.

Simultaneous synchronization

Polar H10 works supports Bluetooth SMART (4.2), proprietary technology GymLink / 5KHZ. As indicated on the official website, you can connect to two H10 devices at the same time, but you can only use one at a time! This is confirmed by reviews , but with a clarification that using two devices with different types of communication is still real.


One of the chips of the new chest pulse meter, which was actively promoted at the announcement stage, is the ability to “impose a pulse on the video”. The new H10 syncs with some GoPro cameras.

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Changed and price

The new pulsometer went up about 1000 rubles, and now it costs 5950 rubles .

When paying on the site, a 10% discount coupon is valid - QSHVK0

Polar H10 - main points:

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