The rightholder of the trademark demands to close

One of the most famous sites of the Russian language on the history of Soviet cosmonautics will be closed in the near future - the trademark owner filed an official application to the court to close site due to the illegal use of a registered trademark.

About this today wrote on Facebook Vadim Lukashevich, the author of the site.
I just received a statement from Tatyana Ilyina, general director of LenTa Vagraniye, LLC:

“Lenta Wanderings Ltd.” filed an official application to the court to close the website in connection with the illegal use of our registered trademark without our consent. ”

I will lose this trial. Who cares or is interested in the content of my site , created for almost 19 years - copy it yourself in whole or in part ...

PS> stargrave2

wget, unfortunately, does not see everything.

Paths to some of the 17,000 files in / images are found only in the javascript code, and several thousand, it seems, are not used at all in the current version of the site.

In addition, on many pages of the video are inserted using the flash-movie uppod.swf (the search for this substring you can find all the HTML-files where it is used) and none of the 152 * .flv-videos in It will also not be downloaded, and this is at least 30 GB plus, plus those 16 GB in tar.

The files used by this flash-roller in will not be noticed either.

In / video / mpg and / video / avi there are also about one and a half gigabytes of videos that wget does not notice.

Placed the most complete copy of the site in IPFS .
Relative links to the flv-video player are not picked up, I had to use absolute ones via (that is, the video in the players will always play through the Internet gateway, this is not very good, but I do not feel like re-encoding the video).

08.08.17 at 12:14 pm:
MagisterAlexandr - a copy of 61 GB of (added to the folder 3d, other).
A well-known difference from the original: there are no DivX and bCAD distributions in soft.

ipfs pin add QmQ1j4TmynS6uKnV46bwfXEWFWLZgapeZftFgAgZpeL854


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