Guns against drones: foreign and domestic

These are foreign rifles.

The number of drones is growing. By 2020 (and this is after 2.5 years), more than 12 million drones are expected on the planet. Some pilots behave in bad faith - they spy on girls sunbathing on the roofs, crash into the wings of airplanes and the heads of passers-by (by the way, it’s a fake with an airplane wing). In order to have control over the violators and regulate the number of drones, engineers from all over the world are working on ways to eliminate neutralization of harm from the hands-on UAVs.

The range of solutions is very wide - from multi-ton military radars to homemade harpoons and tame eagles. But there is a very interesting (and understandable to all gamers) niche - guns. Shotgun equally well dampens filming Inspire 2 , hipster Phantom `s , industrial Matrice and sports FPV racing drones.

Recently, I managed to turn in my hands and shoot a rifle at the drones of domestic development. About guns from around the world and about my test drive of a Russian gun - under the cut.

Ways to deal with drones

There are many options for dealing with flying video cameras - naval radar, to specially trained birds.

Here is an example of a Russian civilian solution to combat drones :

Here is the "eagle" option:

More solutions against drones from around the world

Today we will talk about domestic development, a mobile rifle, which I managed to test.

Shotgun "Stupor". Detailed review

With the help of a gun, you can force the "enemy" drone. As long as you “shoot” the drone loses control channels and makes an emergency landing. Glushilka-gun silences all control channels and video-shooting drone at a distance of up to 500 meters.

Suppressed frequency range:

Guys, you will see such covers, hide your drones. Gross weight - 10 kg.

Inside the suitcase.

Smart charging and charging the smoker.

The drones suppressor is equipped with two batteries that allow you to continuously work up to 6 hours, and in standby mode up to 2 months. If we consider that the average firing time is 10-20 seconds, then cartridges from one charge will be enough for 1000+ shots.

Appearance. Net weight 5 kg.

Handle and trigger.

Fuse trigger. The shotgun is ready to fire immediately by pressing the trigger.

Collimator sight with little red dot.

"We even saw eyebrows in the telescopic sight."

Means of destruction

The main mechanism of destruction is radiofrequency. The rifle creates a 16-degree jamming cone, jamming the remote control of the drone console, transmitting video via Wi-fi drone remote and receiving signals from a satellite drone.

Power per channel - 2 watts.

Auxiliary weapon. A laser powerful enough to burn a camcorder. It remains only to get into the lens.

The laser can not only burn out the camera, but also the eyes, so be careful not to direct drones at the pilots.


After driving far away from the Kremlin, we with suitcases, like desperados, got out of the car and went into the clearing to get ready to shoot the Phantom.

Guns and trophies.

Here is what a droneshunter looks like.

We played the standard scenario: the attacker's drone flies into the territory under its control, and the guard tries to shoot him down.

Just a few seconds after pressing the trigger, the drone begins to blind:

The first stage of stunning after hitting.

And after a couple of seconds, it crashes abnormally:

Stage full stun.

The GPS signal is muffled at a distance of 850 meters (no longer tried), but “specialists” say that 2 km at such power is free.

Control signals and video stream - muffling depends on the distance from the console to the drone. The maximum that they tried was: the distance from the console to the drone was 100 m. In this case, the gun was 600 meters from the drone (directed by landmarks).

When using radio frequency suppression, the damage to the drone is not applied.

When the guard bird is created , I will buy myself such a rifle, but for now the price bites (more than 400,000 rubles) .

Take care of your drones.


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