Runtastic Moment Elite: Fitness Watch with Delicate Notifications and Best Price

Runtastic watches are, of course, something from the past, however, looking today at the market of “hybrid” smart watches, it seems that the Moment line more than ever deserves attention.

We will never see anything new from Runtastic, however, this brand still appears from time to time in the news. But not with devices, but only with software.

However, the entire trend of modern wearable is partly due to this brand: in particular, interest in the hybrid watch began with the model Withings (now - Nokia) and Runtastic (now - Adidas). Moreover, as the practice and the logic show, little has changed since then.

At the same time, analysts and large holdings, such as Fossil, are betting on analog smart watches. Runtastic did everything a couple of years earlier, successfully received money from Adidas and probably achieved what he wanted.

However, on the official website Moment sales continue to this day at a price of 200 Euro.


I would like to start the review with the main thing. Of course, a price tag of 200 euros is redundant. Taking into account the possibilities, moreover, for iOS devices, these opportunities are a little more limited, in 2017, selling such gadgets is cheaper!

On our Market prices from 10,000 rubles . Our Elite model costs a little less than 5 thousand .

What can watch

The functionality is several times duplicated on the box:

In general, it is worth noting this. Moment Elite is packed extremely conscientiously, and until you get to the clock itself you have to work hard.

The very last stage is to disassemble (or, if there is not enough patience to break) the inner part of the box, which also represents a box, because there is something inside.

And there is a screwdriver, and branded, in order to be able to change the battery.

And four screws. Their value is obvious, because their size is so small that the risk of losing a certain number when changing CR-ki increases many times.

Work with the application

The watches are paired with the Runtastic Me app. The process of connection and configuration does not cause difficulties, because both the application and the instruction that comes in the kit are in Russian.

Before you connect the clock, you need to hold a single button for 2-3 seconds: this is almost all of its functionality. It puts the clock into sleep mode, and then removes the clock from this mode.

The synchronization process is also a small story. It happens quite funny: the arrows are automatically adjusted according to the time on the smartphone. On other models, for example, Nevo, it had to be done manually.

The main screen of the application is a summary of statistics. Here, by clicking on this or that menu, you can get inside, where you can also select the data interval.

Settings leave a curtain on the left. In order to go to them, the clock will have to be synchronized with the smartphone, here, in particular, you can select notifications.

The event notification function is implemented only for Android .

During field 9 notifications, the light flashes, and the clock itself will vibrate slightly.

How made elite

The materials are of good quality, but the glass is not sapphire, which means that you have to be careful with it. When falling on a tile, for example, most likely, it will crack.

The strap on the outside - fabric, on the inside - genuine leather.

However, those who find such a “tandem” seems inconvenient, impractical, can easily replace it with a couple of clicks.

Watch on hand:

As you can see, the glass is convex. Below it are three hands and two dials. One of them is the time, which is a number from 5 to 55 in a circle except 3/6/9/12, with the Runtastic logo in place of the three.

The second dial is the activity statistics. Also inside is an inconspicuous thin burgundy circle with numbers from 1 to 12 except 3 (because of the logo) and 5/6/7 (these numbers cover the small dial). The hands of the clock glow in the dark.

When paying on the site for Runtastic Moment Elite watches and other models from this line ( Fun ), a 10% discount on the coupon: LPXCVK .


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