Turns for the flying iPhone: DJI Spark Fly More Combo

He rushes at a speed of 50 km / h, recognizes your face, listens to the movements of his hands, takes pictures with special effects and posts on instagram.

A standard kit costs about 44,000 rubles , an extended kit costs 59,000 rubles , there are various fun colors:

A couple of vidos with DJI Spark features

Add-ons Fly More Combo


In addition to the usual configuration DJI Spark:

Unpacking out of the box and testing modes

A bag

Hub for charging three batteries

Reduces charging time from 80 minutes to 52 minutes and charges 3 batteries in parallel.

Remote controller

Connects to the phone via Wi-Fi, and not using a cable (like mavic).

Buttons of photography and programmable (to the right of the pilot), video filming and control of the direction of the video camera (to the left of the pilot).

Mounts for smartphone.

Propeller Finger Protection

It is put on in 2 seconds and snaps.

Connect to Wi-Fi on your smartphone. The password is “1234”.

The copter is turned on one short and one long press.

Compass calibration ritual. Perform each time on a new terrain. It is necessary to twist the rotor in a horizontal plane at 360 degrees. Then turn to the side and repeat.

To get started - joysticks down and then to the center.

Manage gestures. To take a selfie - you have to wave. The copter will fly off, you can get ready, then make a frame out of your fingers:

The copter starts flashing and then it flies.

To return it back you need to raise your hands up.

QuickShot mode

Dronie mode

Technology transfer HD-video over Wi-Fi allows you to view the video stream in the resolution of 720p at a distance of 2 km (in open areas).

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