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In the hot summer, almost every one of us strives to spend all our free time in nature. Hiking in the woods or in the mountains, vacationing at sea, going to the lake, picnic or a party in nature is a great opportunity to escape from the daily routine, gain strength and improve your health.

But what a vacation without your favorite music? Smartphone speakers can not provide the desired purity and depth of the musical composition, so the best option is to take along the mobile vibration dynamics PartyFon from Dadzhet. It is clear that now there are a lot of different portable Bluetooth speakers, but all this will be a little more and a little more expensive. Therefore, we will go the easiest and cheapest way, where everything connects in the old manner - by wires.

Vibrodynamic PartyFon


- Rated power 1 W;
- Frequency of sounding is 300 Hz-10000 Hz;
- Supply voltage -3-5 V;
- Load resistance 4 Ohm ± 15%;
- Signal / noise 80 ± 3 dB;
- Power supply 2 pcs. AAA batteries (not included) / USB cable;
- Speaker weight 55 g;
- Continuous battery life (minimum - 8 hours, maximum - 12 hours).


All elements of the set are packed in a stylish box in dark colors. Everything is simple and neat. On the back of the box is a brief instruction how to connect everything in three steps and explanations about the purpose of the device.

Vibrodynamic PartyFon


Completion is easier than you can imagine: the vibro-dynamics PartyFon, USB-cable, extension cable, Velcro and user manual. It is a pity that the manufacturer does not complete the device with batteries immediately. They will have to be purchased separately.

Vibrodynamic PartyFon

What's inside

Printed circuit board

Printed circuit board



The device can be put in a pocket, bag or backpack, it weighs only 55 grams and has a compact size. And PartyFon connects to any mobile gadget - a smartphone, tablet, laptop or mp3 player. For this, along with a speaker in the kit there is a sound cable. And so that the device is not lost, there are special holes for the lace.

With PartyFon you can fully voice any picnic or party in the open air. And do not carry or carry with you a heavy audio system and bulky speakers! To achieve the best sound quality, vibrodynamic should be attached to glass or some hollow object: box, box, bucket. By the way, the sound on the empty box is better than on the glass or on the table.

This is done using reusable stickers that come with the column. Vibrodynamic transmits vibrations to the entire surface, turning it all into a large column. And, thus, qualitatively reproduces low and medium frequencies. Even a baby can handle the controls - one on / off button and that's it.

Vibrodynamic PartyFon

The portable PartyFon speaker works on two AAA (mizinchikovyh) batteries or batteries of the same size. Charging the batteries will last for 8-12 hours. Batteries use more practical yet, you can always recharge. And if you have a laptop with you, then generally you can be powered from USB.

Vibrodynamic PartyFon


In general, a very good device that copes with its tasks perfectly. Here it seems that there is nothing to complain about for such money. In general, who has no money or desire to buy a full-fledged Bluetooth-column, then this device will be a good alternative. By the way, the vibro dynamics of PartyFon is also a great gift option.

Vibrodynamic PartyFon

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Author: Sergey Novikov, Orel

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