Okay, Emelya, how much will be twice two: a few words about the robot Pudding, which was important to say

A review of the new fashion roboys has already been written, but there are a couple of points that would be worth voicing.

The rapid take-off of the Pudding S robot, or in translation for Russia, Emelya, is due to the fact that about a month and a half ago, all major tech, lifestyle and business publications wrote about it at once. Accidentally, probably.

And we, the shops began to understand, "what kind of beast." In general, the review written by Madrobots is truthful: the toy is impressive, captivating, has functions that seem unattractive to someone (video broadcasting), but are nonetheless missing from other toys.

But there are moments that have yet to be fixed by the developers. Perhaps the only controversial point that I watched during the test was that Emelya's robot did not always logically (but always correctly) rotate information.

How it works?

Artificial intelligence, which refers to Pudding's ability to use the Internet as an online assistant and to answer child’s questions in a short time, is certainly not mistaken. But in the local market sometimes it looks very, very funny.

For example:

Wikipedia data

Data from the same

Moreover, to say that the robot does not work correctly, is also impossible: the information is accurate. However, any Russian person has the right to be indignant, because it’s still a matter of one of the key figures in Russian history. Another Russian poet at the same time is determined correctly:

It turns out that failure, flaw, probably, sooner or later everything will be as it should. Is there a single case, isn’t it? - There was no time to get rid of the whole Russian history through Emelya.

One can try to challenge, de-scat and what child it will be interesting to ask who are Pushkin, Lermontov, Gogol. But what if?

However, Emelya copes with simple information perfectly.

The multiplication table is much more urgent, why grow humanitarians?

The second point , which should be said and which arises, is again humanitarian: it is connected with the loaded classics in Emelya. Some people mistakenly believe that a robot will read fairy tales to a child on the same principle: “a request to Google is a robotic voice”. This is not true.

The robots are loaded with acting books:

In the case of interactive developmental components, the robot will speak different voices and act as a regular “translator”. Content in it is enough, by the way.

Finally , the camera. Many have already said that the Pudding robot is a toy for hackers, pedophiles. The position is strange, given that many of these same people used to buy Xiaomi cameras, PetCube, probably simultaneously sticking a webcam on a laptop.

Of course, they break everything from pacemakers to bitcoins, but people themselves upload photos of children on the social network, for example. It is also fair to say that people with disabilities are interested in children in certain conditions, and most often children go home in clothes, just like adults. In general, it is debatable. On the other hand, the camera will help parents with a remote understanding of what the child is doing, so that if something happens, send him a voice message with the same Pudding or by dialing.

In all other respects, the robot seems to be a really great interactive toy. It connects easily in a few simple steps with hints.

Bribes cartoon appearance.

And does not repel the price. Some toys with far fewer opportunities cost much more money, although they seem to be similar. What can I say: the cost of new Furby with less emotionality and much more stingy dialogues reaches 6-7-8 thousand rubles as against 9990 for Emelya.

The robot expresses its “pixel” emotions, albeit schematically, but “Ferbie” will give odds with a margin.

Plus, it’s also that it is immovable: only the upper part rotates, that is, there is no possibility to control it, driving around the room and counting the corners / walls / legs of furniture, no, which will significantly prolong the service life of this toy.

According to our impressions - Pudding is an excellent robot that can surprise a child and with whom he wants to spend time. But the taste and color, of course ...

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