SunContract ICO Renewable Energy Platform Collects Over 8,000 Esters

The idea of ​​Slovenian power engineers and blockchain enthusiasts to create a universal trading platform for producers and consumers of “clean” electricity has attracted more than 8,000 ETH ($ 1.7 million) to date. Until the completion of the ICO SunContract, there are still 4 days left, and until the next level of fees is reached - about 1800 ETH.


The idea of ​​the project SunContract Energy Pool is a p2p-trading platform on which producers of green electricity can sell it directly to consumers without intermediaries. Bidding is automated through the use of smart contracts, and the platform itself runs on the blockchain.

In addition to the blockchain itself at the base of the platform (the blockchain at the basis of the project at ICO? This is a surprise!), The project is distinguished by the reliance on “pure” electricity generated using solar and wind energy.

The reasons for this choice are not only ideologically-ecological, but also quite rational-economic: according to the Rocky Mountain Institute, which SunContract refers to, by 2050 71% of the total electricity generated in the US will be wind energy and
suns - up from 15% in 2015. Given that the total energy consumption will double, it is easy to calculate that the production of "clean" electricity will grow over the next three decades, almost an order of magnitude in the United States alone.

Instead of fighting for the current electricity market, which is already occupied and shared by large players, SunContract is trying to stake out a place under the Sun on the electricity market of tomorrow — decentralized, with a large number of small generating capacities and individual consumers.

And the use of the blockchain should be a killer feature of the SunContract Energy Pool, ensuring transparency and the security of all transactions guaranteed by the principles of the blockchain itself. At a minimum, by reducing the cost of controlling and combating theft and leakage, SunContract promises a more cost-effective ecosystem than any of the existing ones.

Logging into the SunContract platform will be possible through a regular mobile application, through which both producers and consumers of energy will be able to participate in the auction. The platform's internal currency will be the SNC token - the same token that is currently being sold during ICO. The founders of SunContract hope that this will ensure the rapid growth of the SNC rate after the launch of their platform: Tokens will be needed equally by both buyers and sellers of electricity, and their rate should increase as the volume of trades at the SunContract Energy Pool grows. Tokens are currently sold at a fixed exchange rate of 0.0001 ETH per SNC (approximately 1.2 $ per token).

At the moment, ICO SunContract can already be considered valid, since the first milston of 5000 ethers has been completed, which guarantees the development and launch of the SunContract p2p platform as such.

Now the campaign is moving to the next level of fees - 10,000 esters, which will allow scaling the technology to the entire US renewable electricity market. There are 4 days left to complete the ICO SunContract.


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