As a schoolboy after school to earn on their hobbies

What to do after school guys? Technical creativity! Successful implementation in which will bring not only:

but also the opportunity to earn.

  1. Maintenance, won at the robotic competitions of the 3D printer BQ Prusa i3, led to the development of relevant competencies in our Lyceum №109.


    Students in the 7th grade turned out to be quite able to assemble kits with Ali, and most importantly, bring them to the "mind." Under the order and for implementation - more than 10 printers were assembled.


  2. From the “transitional” plastic and “tails” from the kilogram coils, the guys create plastic for 3D pens.


    Winding machine: shagovik + driver + arduin + simplest sketch and a pair of shafts. In order to avoid a set of moisture from the air with plastic (with high hygroscopicity), we use vacuum packaging.

  3. Ninth-grader, a graduate of the course "Quadcopters" of our Lyceum creates drones for various tasks
    including 360-degree panoramas (in development) for aerial photography and video.


  4. Another student of our club (graduated from the 7th grade) created custom racing FPV quadrics. Cetap: Realacc X210 V +, REVO F4, Racerstar BR2205 2600KV, RS30A Blheli, Kingkong 5X4X3 Prop, Foxeer NightWolf v2, TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8, Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 1500mah 4S 80C (Klever goes)

  5. There is the task of logistics samples of industrial valves during business trips of representatives of the manufacturer. Under the number 2, in the picture on the left, a sample weighing ~ 10kg. Next to our product: printing on a 3D printer (assembled by our own guys), PLA plastic (sanded, plastered, primed and painted in three layers), weighing 0.3 kg.

    The Poles highly appreciated the result (Zetkama). They threw some more puzzles to our children (they can be seen on the shelves below), plus we need to create a transparent sample for a stand for a visual demonstration of the water filtration process. A student of the 7th grade worked on the project.

  6. image

    It turns out that there is a demand for ready-made solutions to the tasks of the World Robot Olympiad robotic Olympiad.

    A 7th grade student who created a robot and wrote a program for the middle category of this Olympiad has already collected> 1500 not rubles. Divide in half. In the club bought Fatshark HD3.


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