Field tests "Zvikostorozha"

Imagine the picture: you went to the beach, lay down and wanted to swim. Well, if you come with someone and when one bathes, the other is guarding clothes and things. And if you came alone? Or they rode a bicycle to the store, but they forgot to use a bicycle lock with a cable. And if you had Zvikostorozh, then any plunderer will no longer want to profit from someone else’s good. For just what you need is to turn on the alarm. And it is worth moving your wealth - the siren will work at 110 dB. No one will not find it, and you will immediately hear. All control is carried out with one button.

I already had one review , it seemed to me somewhat static, without a live experiment. I wanted to try out the sound recorder in different situations.


What is hiding in this little box? Inside is a bright orange case.

And in the case of a box with a button. This is the guard of your property.


Volume level at a distance of 1 m: up to 118 dB
Weight: 0.11 kg.
Sound propagation range (in water): up to 5 km
Protection class: IP54, waterproof
Control: 1st button
Power supply: AAA batteries, 3 pcs.


How to set up correctly is described in detail in the instructions attached to the device.

The response sensitivity is adjustable. When your object is clearly stationary, you set "level 1" and the siren will work at the slightest movement. If you need to protect, say, a boat swaying in the water, then we use “level 2” - then “Zvikostorozh” will not react to swaying on the waves or the wind.

What's inside

All components are covered with waterproof varnish.


Bag with bait and "Soundman".

In the cellophane package was put "Zvikostorozh", wrapped in a paper napkin, and bait

"Train on the cats." I remembered a catch phrase from “Operation“ Y ”” and decided not to experiment on unfamiliar girls.

Summer, lake, beach, girls, things

Experiment One: "Birds". Level 1

The birds pecked on a package of bread, and in the package lay a disguised "Sound Watchdog." He reacted immediately. The birds otbombilis with fear and instantly flew away.

Birds - the safest objects for the experiment

Experiment Two: "Cat". Level 2

A piece of liver sausage was put into the open bag. Koshak felt the smell of meat, grabbed the bag and ran.

I heard that Zvikostorozh attracts the attention of cats.

In practice, it turned out, it is not. I did not see the speed of light, but I felt the speed of the sound of a fleeing frightened animal. Zvikostorod squealed, the cat threw out its prey, turned around at last, and disappeared, showing its bushy tail. I concluded for myself that you can buy liver sausage.

Is risk a noble cause?

An experiment with an evil dog running up and Sound Watch.

At first I wanted to check this point in practice. But the dream has remained a dream: you can stay with torn jeans, but you can do without them ... I left this topic to the next author.


The gadget does its job well. The manufacturer claims that a standard set of batteries will last for 24 hours of continuous squealing. I have not experienced so much.

Comfortable to wear, there is a ring, weighs a little

There is also the "SOS" mode, issuing the corresponding letters to Morzian. For those returning late in the dark alleys back home, “Sound Track” will be a good guard. Just do not repeat my experiment - do not turn on the “Sound Track” at home. I decided to check and almost went deaf. In general, I advise, maybe this little box will save your things, health, and, perhaps, life.

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Author: Stanislav Petryaev, Moscow


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