Proper video surveillance in transport: problems and solutions


Submariner robot slowly crawling on the seabed. In its claws-manipulators there is a high-speed armored optical cable. With the help of a special plow, a long cable is buried in the ocean floor to a depth of at least one meter. The operator controls each step of the robot with the help of video surveillance cameras.

If you have a robot, a train or an excavator digging a hole to igneous rocks, you understand the meaning of remote control. And not only in these cases. In fact, the control of any moving objects is in demand in many cases - from shipping to the field of road transport.

Conventional solutions based on industrial video recorders are expensive; traditional car recorders with cellular modules have other disadvantages. We at Ivideon were able to come up with our own transport video surveillance system, which is affordable for any client and much easier to set up.

What is the problem


Typical TVI-avtoregistrator - 4 channels, resolution up to 720p (HD-TVI) / 1080p (IP), GPS and 3G - 55 thousand rubles

Conventional solutions based on industrial DVRs are expensive, require a dedicated IP address on the SIM card, or install a dedicated server.


IP autoregistrar - 4 channels, resolution up to 1080p, 3G - from 57 thousand rubles

Traditional car recorders with cellular modules also have limitations. Available analog recorders have low resolution and, as a result, poor picture quality. IP-recorders are much more expensive, bulky, support only one SIM-card, work only with four or more channels. This means that you can’t install a cheaper single-channel IP recorder that would work with only one camera.

Cellular module greatly increases the cost of the recorder. In addition, the cost of the solution should include the cost of cameras, HDD, server, setup and training costs.

How the Ivideon solution works


On transport, cameras with integrated Ivideon service record video to a memory card and connect to the cloud service via an industrial 4G router with an external antenna. Images from cameras and recordings can be viewed on the desktop, tablet or smartphone.

You can install a memory card with a capacity of up to 128 GB in the camera - this is enough for 140 hours of continuous recording. The camera also supports various detectors (panic button, door opening, etc.) and provides an opportunity to receive instant notifications on their activation.

The solution uses a router with auto-switching of communication channels, which is triggered when communication is lost on one of the SIM cards, when you go to roaming, when you reset the balance, and in some other cases. Cellular communication is used for remote viewing, and records can be downloaded via the car fleet's Wi-Fi network.

What it looks like


Just like any other camera in your Ivideon account - with access to live streaming, archive, camera settings, events. You can organize the local workplace of the operator on a computer with Windows, Linux or MacOS by installing the Ivideon Client program. The desktop client is convenient in that it allows you to work efficiently with a large number of cameras distributed across different objects: view multiple cameras on one screen at once or output the image from cameras to multiple monitors.


You can watch the broadcast from the cameras via the mobile application.

Put any camera with built-in Ivideon service with a resolution of 1.3 megapixel, 2 megapixel and 3 megapixel, 25 frames / s. We also install an industrial 4G router with two SIM slots (with automatic switching).

For power supply comes with a voltage converter for connecting multiple cameras (up to 160W). Input voltage - DC 20-30V. An optional time relay is connected - to delay the shutdown of the camera after the ignition is turned off.

If you do not have a contract with a mobile operator for unlimited 4G, Ivideon offers MegaFon SIM cards with unlimited traffic + tariff for recording to the cloud, complete with a video surveillance solution on transport. However, the solution will work with SIM-cards of any cellular operator.

Where to use

Sample video unloaded from the cloud


Freight: remote control of cargo transportation and manipulation with them at any time.


Construction equipment: control of operating efficiency and labor discipline.


Public transport: passenger security, suppression and investigation of illegal actions.

The system has proven its performance at temperatures down to -35 ° C.

The advantages of the system

How to connect

The retail price for a single-camera video surveillance kit starts at 40,000 rubles. For questions about the connection, please write (or call +7 495 545 49 27).


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