July 28, a presentation of the Tesla Model 3


July 28, in Freemont, Ilon Musk held a presentation of the first production cars Tesla Model 3, which will finally make Tesla electric cars available to the mass consumer. At the moment, the first 50 cars are produced, but in the next one and a half years their number will increase to 500 thousand. Ilon Mask told reporters at the presentation that in the next 6 months, the company is waiting for a real “industrial hell”, and some experts in the field of automotive industry already consider the figure frankly unrealistic. But, nevertheless, already by December, the production volume of Model 3 should increase to 20,000 per month.

It is worth noting that the main difference between the Model 3 and its predecessors is its cost. Basic equipment Model 3 will cost just $ 36,000, which at the current exchange rate is just over 2 million rubles. It is for this reason that half a million people are already in the queue for Model 3, who made the initial deposit at the pre-order stage (by the way, the initial deposit was only $ 1,000). Thus, the first 500 thousand cars that will be released in the next year and a half already have owners. This means that new customers will not be able to get the Model 3 before the end of 2018. And this is on condition that Tesla can cope with the huge production volume as scheduled.

What is known about the Model 3 of the first Western press reviews:

1. Tesla Model 3 is not a flagship model and will not replace the Tesla Model S. The main task of this car is to make Tesla a truly mass electric car, accessible to the middle class, but continuing to be modern and innovative.

2. Tesla Model 3 will be available in two trim levels: basic and extended. Basic equipment, as already mentioned, will cost 36 thousand dollars, will be able to drive about 350 km on one charge and will accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.9 seconds. Extended equipment will cost 44 thousand dollars, will accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, and on a single charge will be able to drive 500 km. Both versions will be rear-wheel drive and equipped with only one electric motor.

3. The interior is minimalist Scandinavian style:


4. Most indicators, counters and switches are placed on a 15.4-inch touch screen (even there is no speedometer, the current speed is also shown on the display):


5. Tesal Model 3 will be equipped with autopilot. Very simple, which can only go one lane without rebuilding, but nonetheless. For an additional fee ($ 5,000), you can purchase a more advanced version of the autopilot, which can be rearranged, will have a more powerful computer, more cameras and a wider set of functions. And for 3,000 it will be possible to install a fully autonomous autopilot. Naturally, when Tesla finishes its development. However, you can not only improve it.

6. A premium package of additional options is available for $ 5,000. More expensive interior materials, seat adjustment in 12 directions, audio system with 12 speakers, heated rear seats, panoramic glass roof with UV protection, etc. If desired, you can also repaint the interior and change the diameter of the wheels from 18 inches to 19. It is also not free.


7. Instead of the traditional key, Model 3 will use the connection to the owner’s smartphone. In extreme cases, you can use the key card.

8. Under the hood is another trunk, and at the same time quite large:


9. In the future, it is planned to release the all-wheel drive Model 3 with two engines. Ilon Musk says that the front engine will not affect the amount of free space under the hood.

10. The battery in the basic configuration charges in about 50 minutes, the battery in the extended configuration - a little longer, in 55 minutes. This, of course, is about charging at specialized stations. Charging from a normal power supply with a voltage of 220 volts will take about 8 hours.

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