NASA Opened a Job for Planetary Protection Officer

Is there life on Mars? No one really knows about this. But if not, then you need to take care that she did not get there prematurely. And if there is, we must not allow it to hit the Earth.

Recently, many media outlets, both domestic and foreign, have published articles and news stories with interesting headlines like “NASA hired an employee to protect against aliens”. Some publications have published materials with loud headlines in order to attract the reader, but the article itself or the news has already given a detailed explanation of what is what. But others did not explain what this position was, starting to fantasize about the capture of the Earth by possible evil beings from other star systems, and even galaxies. It is clear that the ufologists immediately approached, who authoritatively began to explain which alien reptilians would arrive, and what they would do with people.

But what really happened? Is it true that NASA is going to hire an employee to protect our beloved planet from evil creatures with Alpha Centauri? In fact, the agency really opened the position for the planetary defense employee, offering a decent salary. But this person should not protect the Earth from sentient beings, bio-robots or anyone else there. It is about finding and eliminating a possible threat in the form of microorganisms from other planets. The fact is that now NASA has plans to visit the Moon, Mars and other planets and their satellites. But the guarantee is that there are no microorganisms of this or that kind in other objects of the Solar system. In addition, you must also take care that the microorganisms of Earth do not fall into the soil of other planets.

So, an employee of the planetary defense, in the first place, will deal with the issues of bio-pollution of spacecraft arriving on Earth and departing from our planet to others. By the way, the salary promises really good - from 124 to 187 thousand US dollars a year. The vacancy is open only to American citizens, so that representatives of other countries will not be able to participate in the elimination of a possible space threat.

It is worth noting that the vacancy hung for a relatively long time, unnoticed by anyone, until journalists saw it, starting a rumor about "the defender of the Earth from an alien threat." Of course, in a sense, this is true, but nobody spoke about any evil aliens threatening the Earth.

This is what is being said about this job on NASA: “The planetary defense officer is responsible for ensuring that NASA can fulfill the planetary defense function, follow the prescriptions of the planetary defense policy and monitor the implementation of this policy during flight missions. Also, this employee must perform the duties of a consultant for the head of NASA and other planetary defense managers. The planetary defense officer must ensure interaction between the internal departments of the agency on relevant issues. "

In the course of carrying out his duties, this employee should closely monitor how carefully the teams of spacecraft projects perform work to decontaminate devices, both those sent to space and those that have arrived.

All these tasks are far from new. The planetary defense department has existed within NASA for a long time. After all, employees of these departments were decontaminated by Galileo, Cassini and other spacecraft. Some microorganisms are extremely resistant to external factors.

They can withstand vacuum, radiation, low temperatures. And who knows what will happen if such organisms fall into the ground of Mars, the atmosphere of Jupiter or Saturn, or the ice of Europe. To all this you need to be prepared and ensure that there are no “living creatures” on the spacecraft. Similarly, those devices or samples that are returned to Earth should be carefully checked. Now NASA has plenty of plans, the agency is going to send another rover to Mars, to launch several spacecraft for space exploration. And all these devices need to be studied for possible "smuggling" of earthly life. Experts believe that the new panspermia can be a bad idea.


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